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Flu 068.tif
Photograph of the seminarians.

Flu 063.tif
Photograph of caskets in a mass grave.

Flu 070.tif
Photograph of seminarians digging graves.

Flu 059.tif
Photograph of seminarians carrying caskets.

Meyer 1064.jpg
Photograph of the seminarians unloading caskets off a truck.

Newspaper article on the Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute being turned into an emergency hospital.

Flu 17a.jpg
Photograph of St. Patrick’s Parish Hall

Flu 19a.jpg
Photograph of Misericordia Hospital

Flu 32a.jpg
Photograph of the Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute

Flu 15.jpg
Newspaper article on the death tool for the seminary

Flu 14a.jpg
Letter closing churches and schools.

Flu 10a.jpg
Letter stating how the Archdiocese of Philadelphia planned to help combat the flu.

Photographs mounted on a large black board depicting the ceremonies for the laying of the cornerstone of St. Patrick's Church, Philadelphia, Pa., October 2, 1910. Title taken from verso. Photographer's stamp appears on verso.

Photograph of procession entering main door of Cathedral of Sts. Peter & Paul, Philadelphia. Photographer unknown.
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