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Photograph album containing photographs of Medical Mission Sisters and their institutions and patients in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States. Undated.

Photograph album containing photographs of Medical Mission Sisters and their institutions and patients in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States. Undated

Photograph album containing photographs of Medical Mission Sisters and their institutions and patients in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States. Undated.

Print from Harper's Weekly, Sept. 16, 1876. Two page spread showing children holding the door of the "Public-School System" against a wolf that is trying to squeeze through. The wolf's collar is labeled "Democrats" and the tag is labeled "The Foreign…

Print from Harper's Weekly, July 29, 1871. Two page spread showing various cartoons. The center cartoon depicts the Draft Riots of July 1863. On the right are cartoons titled "July 11" showing New York politicians submissive to Irish Catholics. On…

Print from Harper's Weekly, August 4, 1866. Two page spread showing the exterior of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.

Print from Harper's Weekly, March 4, 1876. Print shows Lady Liberty pointing at a tree labeled "Truth" that has been cut down and admonishes a group of children representing Irish Catholic voters supporting Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. Two figures…

Print from Harper's Weekly, January 15, 1876. Print shows the United States as Hamlet standing in front of a public school blocking a member of the Grey Nuns from entering as a teacher. Printed below title: "U.S. (as Hamlet). 'Go they ways to a…

Print from Harper's Weekly, December 19, 1874. Print shows a Catholic priest and another Man (a politician or lawyer) huddled in front of a court bench while holding a paper that reads "Reduce the salaries of the public school teachers." Printed…

Print from Harper's Weekly, November 2, 1872. Incluldes four small cartoons. "Our Foreign Ruler(?). F.K. 'I will do your bidding, as you are unfallible'" shows shows a man kneeling before the Pope. A Catholic priest in the background holds a paper…

Print from Harper's Weekly, October 12, 1872. Print shows Uncle Sam offering to free an American Catholic priest from the control of the Pope. Printed below title: "U.S. 'Allow me to Sever you from your Foreign Mother (Church). You are as able to…

Print from Harper's Weekly, July 13, 1872. Print shows Uncle Sam, holding an axe labeled "Order", attacking a large snake with the head of a caricature of an Irish American, while Lady Liberty shields children.

Print from Harper's Weekly, December 30, 1871. Print shows a Catholic priest (most likely Henry Edward Manning, an English Cardinal) beckoning to an African-American family while hiding shackles labled "Priestly Slavery" behind his back. Printed…

Print from Harper's Weekly, September 30, 1871. Print shows children on a beach being attacked by Catholic Bishops with mitres depicted as crocodile jaws.

Print from Harper's Weekly, July 29, 1871. Print shows Lady Liberty, holding a whip labeled "LAW", choking a stock caricature of an Irish American holding a dagger.

Print from Harper's Weekly, July 15, 1871. Print shows a figure (most likely supposed to depict Ignatius von Dollinger) standing in front of a broadside he has hung over a confessional that contains a statement titled "Papal Infallibity. Church and…

Print from Harper's Weekly, October 1, 1870. Print shows the Pope and other clergy looking at the United States, ostensibly with plans to conquer it.

Broadside for the performance of "Single Life" by the St. Edward's Literary and Dramatic Institute at The People's Theatre, June 16, 1898. Includes cast listing. At bottom of broadside: "The Penn Printing and Publishing Co., successors to Ledger Show…

Broadside with the B. & O. Railroad schedule for special trains from Philadelphia for the funeral ceremonies for General Philip Sheridan in Washington D.C., August 11, 1888. At bottom of broadside: "Guggneheimer, Weil & Co., Printers, Baltimore."

Broadside for a concert benefiting the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon and Hospital in Philadelphia, November 29, 1861. Badly damaged with pieces missing at top and bottom of broadside.

Broadside for a concert at American Mechanics' Hall on March 28, 1878.

1850 reprint of a 1750 map of Philadelphia and the surrounding area with a view of Independence Hall at the top. Rural buildings shown pictorially with occupants' names. Title is partially obscured by a card which is reinforcing a hole punched into…

Print showing 11 members of the clergy of the Catholic Diocese of Indianapolis. Includes a small image of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Vincennes, in 1838. Possibly the bottom half of a larger print. Printed by Carlon & Hollenbeck.

Lithograph of Chicago as it looked in 1833. Shows buildings in Chicago at the junction of the North and South branches of the Chicago River. Lithographer and date unknown.

Colored lithograph print of St. Mary's Church, 1797, First Church in Albany, N.Y. From original painting in possession of Colonel Thomas Barry. Printed by Donaldson Litho. Co. Inscribed on verso: "This view is given [?] Amer. Cath. Hist. [Society] by…

Print from Harper's Weekly, October 24, 1885. Print shows Cardinal McCloskey of New York, lying in state in St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Print from Harper's Weekly, October 24, 1885. Print shows the exterior of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, N.Y. surrounded by crowds attending funeral services for John Cardinal McCloskey. Typed caption adhered to print.

Print from Harper's Weekly showing an allegorical figure of Lady Liberty protecting the public schools from two Roman Catholic Priests. Signed by Thomas Nast.

Print (engraving) from Harper's Weekly, December 18, 1869. Print shows the exterior of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, N.Y., and clipping of short article about construction of cathedral. Adhered to heavy paper.

Print from Harper's Weekly, December 18, 1858. Print shows caricatures of Irish-Americans.

Photograph of the guests at the Golden Jubilee Banquet in honor of Rt. Rev. Monsignor George Bornemann on June 20, 1915. Includes Archbishop Prendergast sitting in the middle.

Painted photograph glued to canvas of an unidentified priest, possibly a Monsignor or Bishop. Undated.

Painting of an unidentified priest. Undated.

Painting over a photograph of an unidentified priest, possibly a Monsignor. Inscribed on verso: "Made by J. F. Drichotter [?], Holmesburg. 1930. Framed 3/7/40, Francis X. Shinke [?], 629 Seigel St., Phila Pa."

Oil painting of Bishop Edmond Prendergast of Philadelphia. Undated.

Print showing all of the members of the Catholic Heirarchy in the United States. Appears to be a collage of full-length portrait photographs and prints of individual clergy combined into one print. Background is a print of a large room with an altar,…

Hand-tinted photograph showing the groundbreaking ceremony for Fitzgerald-Mercy (i.e., Mercy Fitzgerald) Hospital in Darby, Pa. on March 2, 1932. Photo shows a group pf people with Dennis Cardinal Dougherty in the middle turning the first shovelful…

Photograph showing an exterior view of the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph (now part of Chestnut Hill College). Undated.

Print of color drawing showing the baldachin for the Golden Jubilee Mass of Cardinal Dougherty at Philadelphia Stadium. Backed on cardboard. Creator's stamp appears to bottom right of print.

Portrait print (perhaps pastel?) of unidentified nun on canvas. Creator unknown. Undated.

Portrait print of Bishop Ignatius Horstmann. Creator unknown. Undated.

Balfe, Joseph I sm.jpg
Portrait print of Reverend Joseph Ignatius Balfe. Creator unknown. Undated.

Portrait photograph of unidentified priest. Signed by Hansbury in bottom right corner.

Portrait photograph of unidentified nun, hand-painted. Creator unknown. Undated.

Print of unidentified man. Creator's signature in bottom right hand corner reads "P. B. Conway". Undated.

Portrait photograph of Rev. Charles Carter(?). Photographer unknown. Undated.

Griffin, Martin  I. J. 2.jpg
Portrait photograph of Martin I. J. Griffin, hand-painted. Photographer unknown.

Portrait photograph of Bishop John W. Shanahan, first Bishop of Harrisburg, Pa. Printed in bottom left corner of photograph: "Copyrighted 1889 by H.B.H." Signed "Hansbury, Phila." in bottom right corner.

Portrait engraving of Archbishop John Carroll. Printed below portrait: "Painted by J. Paul. Engraved by W. S. Leney, E.S.A. & B. Tanner, E.S.A." Mounted on cardboard.

Apostolic Benediction from Pope Pius XI to Rodman Wanamaker and family. Includes portrait of Pope Pius XI and inscription signed by him. Inscription reads: "Knowing the Kindness and courtesy of Mr. Rodman Wanamaker to His Em. the Cardinal Archbishop…
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