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Letter to William Franklin Sands from H.R. Bostwick. It is a letter about a railroad that the Seoul Electric Company built and is being threatened with destruction by the Seoul Chemulpo Railway.

Series of small notes from Collbran & Bostwick. They are notes acknowledging the receipt of money from the Seoul Electric Company.

Paper from Collbran and Bostwick titled “Regarding Imperial Bank of Dai Han – Seoul,” dated 07/27/1900.

Two pages titled “Extracts from Mr. H.R. Bostwick’s Letters Dated November the 16, 1900." They mostly talk about mining.

Letter from H.R. Bostwick to William Franklin Sands. It is a note about the money that the Emperor of Korea owes to Collbran and Bostwick.

Memorandum of Agreement signed 04/22/1901. It is a contract covering the coinage of nickel currency by Collbran and Bostwick for the Emperor of Korea.

Letter from H.R. Bostwick to William Franklin Sands from H.R. Bostwick. Dr. Allen doesn’t want to see the Emperor of Korea until he hears from Washington. This deals with the debt owed to Collbran and Bostwick.

Memo from H.R. Bostwick to Sands. It asks Sands what he thinks of the attached message. Attached is a message to Mr. Kang from unknown (most likely Bostwick), 04/27/1901. The letter asks Mr. Kang to inform the Emperor that his country must pay…

Memo of a conversation with Mr. Hyen. Deals with how the Emperor of Korea can repay Collbran and Bostwick.

Letter from H.R. Bostwick to William Franklin Sands. The letter says Dr. Allen would like to see Hyen, and talks about a deal for Port Hamilton.

75. Letter to William Franklin Sands from H.R. Bostwick, 05/04/1901. This letter talks about the coinage of nickels for Yi Yong Ik so that he may pay off debts to Collbran and Bostwick.

Memo of agreement between Collbran & Bostwick RR Co. and Korean government for the purchasing of nickel blanks to make new currency.

"Private Cipher Code" for William Franklin Sands and H.R. Bostwick.

Correspondence from H.R. Bostwick to Sands. Discusses electric bill to Imperial Palace in Korea, and encloses letter to Hyen Sang Kien, telling why payments to Prince Eui Wha have stopped (dated 11/14/1901). Also filed here, letter from H.R.…
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