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From October 11, 1962 to December 8, 1965 the Second Vatican Council was held in Rome. The goal of the council was one of renewal and updating of faith and traditions. Many looked forward to the results of the council with hope for a better tomorrow.…

Objection to the inclusion of China in the United Nations because of their history of human rights abuses.

A student is prevent from getting on a school bus by the driver because the child attends a Catholic school.

A religion textbook and a Bible highlights the idea that a child's education would be incomplete without a strong religious background.

The Church represented as a ship being cast about by the heavy storms of change. However, Wolf is confident based on the title that the Church will weather the storm.

Segregationists is compared to a misbehaving child that needs to be controlled and corrected by American society.

Concerned with the expansion of communism, the United States continued to pursue a policy of containment. Many believed that the Soviet Union existence threatened the safety and freedoms of mankind.

After Vatican II, there was debate over how to implement its teachings. Here Wolf shows that the middle way is the best way.

Wolf questions whether mankind will chose the path that leads to peace or the one that leads to nuclear war.

Cartoon shows Jesus unable to find a card that references his birthday.
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