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Letter to Father Moriarty from Bishop Wood, the suspension of his faculties, if he delivered the speech at the Academy of Music

Wood-Duke April 21, 1864.pdf
Letter to Basil Duke from Bishop Wood, discusses the Mission book given to Duke and his hopes for being exchanged.

Wood-Duke March 21 , 1864.pdf
Letter to Basil Duke from Bishop Wood, during Duke's imprisonment in a Union POW camp. Letter references a coat and book on Catholic missions given to Duke by Wood.

Wood 51.1031WS.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Martin J. Spalding, from Bishop James F. Wood, the Fort Delaware Prisoners – Basil Duke’s stay at the prison; clergy passes

Wood 51.50ab.pdf
Letter to Edward Brady, Sr., from Archbishop Wood, reply to Mr. Brady’s letter of November 18, about his son’s conversion from Protestantism to Catholicism assuring him his son is not obligated to believe his father is doomed to perdition.

Wood 50.33.pdf
To Monsignor l’Abbe Nicolaus Mauron, Gen., C.SS.R., on financial trouble at St. Boniface Church.
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