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Lithograph divided into two panels. The top panel shows the exterior of the church and is captioned "The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Hoosick Falls, N.Y."; the bottom panel shows the exterior of the House of the Augustinian Fathers and is…

Lithograph of Church of the Visitation in Schuylerville, N.Y. Lithographer unknown.

Lithograph of St. Patrick's Church in Cambridge, N.Y. Signed in bottom right corner: "Lith. by W.H. Rease, Phila." Inscribed below lithograph: "about 1868. In care of the Augustinian Fathers".

Lithograph of St. Mary's Church in Roslyn, Long Island, New York. Includes inset portrait of Rev. Mortimer C. Brennan, Pastor. Signed in bottom left corner: "Lith. F.M. Haskell & Co., 61 Hanover St., Boston".

Lithograph of St. Mary's Church in Long Island City, Queens, New York. Includes vignette portrait of Rev. John Crimmin, Pastor and picture of rectory. Signed below lithograph: "Lith. Haskell & Allen, 61 Hanover St., Boston".

Lithograph of Church of the Visitation in Brooklyn. Includes vignette portraits of Rev. H. Hand, Rev. John M. Kiely, and Rev. M. Riordan. Lithographer unknown.

Lithograph of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Lithographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Lithograph of St. Michael's Church in Philadelphia. Signed in bottom left corner: "Drawn & lith. by C. Inger".

Lithograph of Church of the Gesu in Philadelphia. Includes vignettes of the Preparatory Department of St. Joseph's College and the East and North Side of St. Joseph's College. Signed "A. Little. Ledger Building, Phila."

Lithograph of St. Anne's Catholic Church in Philadelphia. Lithographer's mark appears in lower right corner.

Lithograph of St. Theresa's Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Includes vignette of the Convent of the Holy Child Jesus. Lithographer unknown.

Lithograph of St. Dominic Catholic Church in Clinton County, Illinois. Surrounded by vignettes of Rev. August Reineke (Pastor), schoolhouse, convent, parsonage, and teacher's residence. Signed J.W.S. (perhaps Joseph Winifred Spenceley?).

Lithograph of St. James Church in Gibson County, Indiana. Includes vignettes of Rev. J. J. Merckle, church organ, and church altar. Printed below vignette of Rev. J. J. Merckle: "S. W. Douglas, Photo. Evansville, Ind."

Lithograph of St. Patrick's Church, Somerset, Massachusetts; and Eglise St. Jean Baptiste, Warren, Rhode Island. Also includes a vignette of Rev. E. E. Nobert and the parochial residence (of St. Patrick's?). St. Jean Baptiste was a mission church of…

Interior view of the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Lithographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Exterior view of St. Mary's Church in Lawrence, Massachusets. Inscribed in bottom right corner: "H.S.P." (i.e., Herbert S. Packard). Printed below lithograph: "Haskell & Allen Lith. Boston". Handwritten notation at bottom: "Founded A.D. 1866. In care…
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