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Lithograph of New Jerusalem Temple, Berlin, Ontario, Canada. Lithographer unknown.

Exterior view of Sacred Heart Academy, London, Ontario, Canada.

Exterior view of Mount Hope Orphan Asylum, Diocese of London, Ontario, Canada.

At the top of the engraving is a triptych showing the Crucifixion flanked by the Nativity and the Ascension. Below is a portrait image of Pius IX flanked by Jesus, Mary, Martin Spalding and John McCloskey. Below that are portraits of the heirarchy of…

Colored lithograph, bird's-eye view of campus of St. Vincent, Beatty, Pa. No creator identified.

Bird's-eye view of Seminary of St. Sulpice, Baltimore, MD. Creator and date unknown.

Poster for the Silver Jubilee Reunion Dinner of the Priest Alumni of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Class of 1921. Poster includes a menu (in French) and current thumbnail portrait photographs of the alumni.

Simple line map showing names, founding dates, and locations of Catholic churches and chapels in Pennsylvania as of 1800. Creator unknown. Undated.

Simple line map showing locations of Catholic churches and chapels in Pennsylvania as of 1850. Does not list names. Creator unknown. Undated.

Bird's-eye view of the University of Notre Dame, with buildings labeled. Appears to have been removed from a book (possibly Notre Dame Catalog). Artist and date unknown.

Creator unknown.

Handwritten charter dated 1905.

Undated drawing of an unidentified Cathedral. May be an alternative drawing of Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.

Hand-painted piece with a proclamation in the center addressed to Archbishop Ryan. A portrait of Ryan appears at the top and the text is surrounded by hand-painted pictures of scenes from Ireland, most pertaining to the area around Thurles. There are…
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