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Drawing of the chalice used at the Statio Orbis of the 41st International Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia in 1976. Drawing is signed by metalsmith Albert Paley, who also made the chalice. Title taken from verso.

Printed at bottom of certificate: "Duval & Hunter, lith Phila." Undated.

Printed at bottom of certificate: "Duval & Hunter, lith Phila." Undated.

Page from "Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion" with engraving of Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul and article regarding construction and design. Engraver unknown.

Color lithograph portrait of Captain Thomas Francis Meagher. Signed bottom left: "E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, 245 Main St., Hartford, CT." Signed bottom right: "Geo. Whiting, 37 Fulton St. New York".

Color lithograph of a bird's eye view of the buildings of the Great Central Fair in Philadelphia, with the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul on the left hand side. Printed below lithograph: "Drawn from Nature & on Stone by James Queen. Printed in all…

Printed at bottom of certificate: "Woodward, Grant & Co. Lith. Toronto." Undated.

Lithograph print of bird's-eye view of Philadelphia. Printed below lithograph: "[Dr]awn from nature and on stone by J. Bachmann. Lith. of Sarony & Major, 117, Fulton St. N.Y." Printed below title: "Published by [J.] Bachmann, 116 Greenwich St. New…

Membership certificate for a Marian Sodality at St. Mary's Church in Philadelphia. The name of the Sodality is not listed. Certificate shows that Mary McMullen was admitted to the Sodality on February 14, 1864. At top is an image of the interior of a…

Bird's-eye view of Bath, NY, surrounded by images of prominent homes and churches. Printed below lithograph: "Thos. Hunter, Lith. Phila. Published by C. J. Corbin."

Drawing of photograph of Baltimore heirarchy standing on what appears to be the steps of the Cathedral at Baltimore. Clipping from Harper's Weekly, November 17, 1866. Signed "W. Jewett" in drawing. Photograph by Bendann Brothers, Fifth Avenue, New…

Family tree repurposed for the American Catholic Historical Society. On the branches are listed the names of the officers of the A.C.H.S. Inscription at bottom says "Executed with a pen by L. Kinsman, Vineland, New Jersey".

Elevation drawing and floor plan by the Daprato Statuary Company. Appears to be decorations for a church altar and side altar. No church identified.

Hand-painted piece with a proclamation in the center addressed to Archbishop Ryan. A portrait of Ryan appears at the top and the text is surrounded by hand-painted pictures of scenes from Ireland, most pertaining to the area around Thurles. There are…
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