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A Second letter to Salisbury – Foreign Office – London talks about British miners arresting a government official at their mine on 2/16 and Britain’s response.

Letter from L.C.P. to D.H. Blake, talks about repacking some damaged crates before reshipping.

Letter to William Franklin Sands from E. Clerveaux [?]. Letter is in French

Terms of an agreement in which Woo-San Mines would loan 3 Million Yen for 50 Years at 4% interest, in return, they would take part in controlling the mines.

A bill for houses in Korea.

Letter to William Franklin Sands from H.R. Bostwick. It is a letter about a railroad that the Seoul Electric Company built and is being threatened with destruction by the Seoul Chemulpo Railway.

Letter from Horace N. Allen to William Franklin Sands. Allen thanks him for kind words, and wishes him luck in his new position.

Telegraph from Horace N. Allen to William Franklin Sands. Emperor wants Sands as soon as possible.

Series of diplomatic dispatches dealing with the sale of land in Masampo, 06/29/1899 – 03/08/1900. Russians, Mr. Stein, Russian Steamship Navigation Company, Mr. Pavlow, Japan, and the Russian Trading Company are all mentioned.

Letter from Charles Denby to William Franklin Sands. He is asking that the passport for Mr. Leigh Hunt and family be made available.

Telegram from William Franklin Sands to the American Trading Company. “Greathouse died one to-day.”

Invoice for a subscription to The Japan Daily Advertiser from 05/07/1899 – 07/09/1899.

Memo about the Estate of C.W. Le Gendre. Charles W. Le Gendre was an advisor to the household of Korea. Died 09/01/1899. This has a list of things done after his death in relation to his estate

Letter from Jim McMorton to William Franklin Sands. He is sending a bill against Le Gendre’s estate for use of the telegraph.

Letter from Ye Chayum [?] to unknown, 04/01/1899. Allen paid a sum of $450 in silver to Ye Chayum.

Letter from John Sherman to William Franklin Sands. Sherman acknowledges that Sands may have to go to Nagasaki to testify against the Japanese people who assaulted him.

Press release from the Korean Affairs Institute, 09/01/1945, dealing with a bill that liberated Korea will present to Japan for partial payment for losses suffered in 40 years of occupation.

Press Release from the Department of State. It lists problems in post War Korea, such as: the division caused by the Soviet occupation of the area above the 38th Parallel, the decimation caused by Japanese occupation, Korean exiles, and the rise of…

Letter from Syngman Rhee to Chairman of UN Conference. Discusses Korea's admittance to the UN, since they have met the qualifications.

Letter from Sygman Rhee to Durward V. Sandifer (Secretary General, US Delegation). Discusses 'technicalities' of Korean government in exile and admittance to UN Conference; also condemns the conference at Yalta and declares Korea will not be the…

Letter from Devin A. Garrity to Lt. M. Frederick Nelson (USNR). Letter on behalf of William Franklin Sands and his book on Korea.

Suggested outline for Foreword of Korea: the Phoenix of Asia by William Franklin Sands

Typed Preface to something. It talks about the formation of the diplomatic corps.
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