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McCormick, Patrick J (DC).jpg
Portrait photograph of Bishop Patrick J. McCormick, with personal note to Cardinal Dougherty. Housed in folder. Photographer's mark appears in below photograph.

Lithograph of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Lithographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Architectural drawing of interior of St. Augustine Church.

Photograph of procession with Cardinal Dougherty and other clergy, most likely in Philadelphia. Negative appears to have been damaged. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of Cardinal Dougherty and other clergymen in procession. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Hand-painted piece with a proclamation in the center addressed to Archbishop Ryan. A portrait of Ryan appears at the top and the text is surrounded by hand-painted pictures of scenes from Ireland, most pertaining to the area around Thurles. There are…
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