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Hardart 29.pdf
Letter to Florence Hardart Anglim from Cardinal Dougherty. Discusses a gift to Dougherty.

Dougherty-Wattson 16.pdf
Correspondence between Cardinal Dougherty and The Franciscan Friars. Discusses the passing of Father Paul James Francis Wattson.

Boycott Letter.pdf
Letter to priests of the Archdiocese from Cardinal Dougherty. Discusses the movie boycott.

Letter to Reverend Francis P. McDonald from Cardinal Dougherty about the suppression of St. Brendan’s Parish.

Dougherty’s Sermons an at St. Vincent’s Germantown, Golden Jubilee

Correspondence between Cardinal Dougherty and Reverend Anthony Giovannini, about buying property on Germantown Avenue for Parish buildings

Flu 131.jpg
Letter to the Sisters of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from Cardinal Dougherty, thanking them for the work during the flu outbreak.

Flu 132a.jpg
Letter to the Seminarians of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from Cardinal Dougherty, thanking them for the work during the flu outbreak.

Cardinal Dougherty Address at his Golden Jubilee Mass.

Side 1 Addres by Cardinal Dougherty Part 1; Side 2 Addres by Cardinal Dougherty Part 3

Address by Cardinal Dougherty Parts 2 & 4

1999.038.002_sides 6-9_web.mp3
Speech by Cardinal Dougherty: Sides 6-9. (Combination of two records: sides 6 & 8 and 7 & 9)

Letter to Heuser from Mother Drexel about a visit from Heuser and concerns about the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament constitution.

Elizabeth Laster's Trio: Side 1 Take My Hand Precious Lord; Side 2 He'll Understand and say Well Done

Side 1 Executive Staff of Flamingo Club: Commission of Human relations; Side 2 Mr. Allen and Mrs Hurley: Untitled

Letter to Archbishop Ryan, from Apostolic Delegate, Falconio, administration of Greek Ruthenians

Letter to Archbishop Ryan, from The Apostolic Delegate, Falconio, Ruthenians in United States and the appointment of the Ruthenian Bishop.

Letter to Archbishop Ryan, from The Apostolic Delegate, Falconio, the Apostolic Delegate is seeking information concerning Father Hodobay, an apostolic visitor for Ruthenians of the United States, his behavior is questionable.

Prendergast 71.745f.pdf
Letter to Father Walsh, from John J. Farren. About a Mr. Durell's letter on his thoughts of Catholic priests as immoral.

Letter to Members of the Catholic Institutional Cooperative Association, from Father McMenamin. Discuses importance of the lay people involvement.

Flu 120.jpg
Letter to the Priests of the Archdiocese from Edmond FitzMaurice in regards to parts of the Mass and the adoration.

Side 1 Mrs. Flanin & Mr Dunn: Practical Christian; Side 2 Kenneth Goodman: Before the Image of A Saint

Side 1 John Flamer: The Church in Action; Side 2 Kenneth Goodman: Organ

Correspondence between Cardinal Dougherty and James Foley. Discusses the movie boycott.

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Alexander Frasi, C.M., November 03, 1843

Unlabeled recoding of a group of bishops congratulating someone on being made a bishop. Recorded on a red cardboard 7 inch

Frenaye-Gallitzin August 29, 1838.pdf
Letter to Pierre Frenaye from Rev. Gallitzin. Mentions the conversation of Adam Towenstein in VA about 1790-1791. Gives title of small book printed at Ebenburg, 1820

Frenaye-Gallitzin July 28, 183-.pdf
Letter to unknown recipient, from Da Gallitzin, Loretto, PA. It is the defense of some priest who has been condemned by a bishop to whom this letter is addressed.

Gallitzin Appeal.pdf
Letter draft to the Emperor of Russia from Gallitzin about troubles with Gallitzin's inheritance and his life in America. Draft may be written by Baron de Tuyll. Original in French, translation in English.

Gallitzin June 4, 1839.pdf
Letter to Kenrick from Gallitzin on funds for the seminary and Gallitzin's debts.

Frenaye-Gallitzin August 21, 1843.pdf
Letter to Frenaye, Phila., from William Gallitzin, New York, NY. Hesitates to accept offer to establish a school.

Kite_Geoffroy 01.06.1921.pdf
Letter to Elizabeth Sarah Kite from Théophile Geoffroy.

Wood 51.356con.pdf
Letter to Wood, from George Miller, a note of thanks for the Archbishop’s kind reception of the Committee and a promise of a solution to the Lithuanians’ problem, there is also a copy of the letter of Father Koncz, a Lithuanian priest who was asked…

Wood 51.390con.pdf
To Very reverend C.J.H. Carter, Vicar General, from Daniel Gill, Mahanoy City, a request to present a document to Bishop Wood, the document concerns money which was collected for the new church which was taken by McEvoy. A general report was made…

Wood 51.168ach.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Wood, from Reverend Maurus Graetzer, Easton, Pennsylvania, case with Anthony Brekman and St. Joseph’s Church, Tamaqua.

Grail Choir Group

Correspondence between Cardinal Dougherty and Caroline Gratz. Discusses the movie boycott.

Side 1 Greek Ruthenian Catholic Choir: Easter Sunday Program; Side 2 Blank

Side 1 Greek Ruthenian Catholic Choir: Easter Sunday Program; Side 2 Blank

Beatrice M. Greene: Side 1 Golden Bells; Side 2 Even Me

Correspondence between Cardinal Dougherty and Margaret Grudy. Discusses the movie boycott.

Letter to Heuser from Louise Imogene Guiney, about Heuser publishing a piece of writing by Guieny.

Letter to Cardinal Dougherty, from Reverend Matthew A. Hand requesting permission to say public mass during the Influenza epidemic

Description of parade routes and other information for Cardinal Dogherty's Golden Jubilee.

Side 1 Father Hebert: The Duties of a Christian; Side 2 Blank

Prendergast 71.110ach.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from Anthony A. Hirst and Fitzpatrick, attorneys, disturbances at St. George‟s Church, Shenandoah

Letter to Archbishop Ryan, from Right Reverend Andrew Hodobay, Domestic Prelate of His Holiness, 08/04/1904, Galacian Priests

Letter to Archbishop Ryan, from Right Reverend Andrew Hodobay. Ryan is informed that Hodobay has received jurisdictions for Father Emilus Kubek, the Greek Catholic Missionary at Mohanoy City, and for Father John Halyko, the Greek Catholic Missionary…

Letter to Archbishop Ryan, from Thomas Hodpbay, 504 Woodland Terrace, Greek Catholic candidates for the priesthood

Side 1 Holy Ghost Greek Catholic Choir: Greek Catholic Choir; Side 2 Brother Augustine & College Students: Report on Collegiate Interracial
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