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Photograph of dinner in honor of Bishop Hugh Lamb at the Penn Athletic Club. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

Portrait photograph (full length) of Bishop Edmond Prendergast of Philadelphia. Appears to have been taken when he was still a priest, before he was made a bishop. Signed under photograph: "O. B. De Morat, No. 2 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia". Title…

Photograph of the farewell dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, N.Y. for the Most Rev. Ralph Leo Hayes on the occasion of his departure for Rome. Photographer's stamp appears in bottom right corner.

Portrait lithograph of John Cheverus (Jean Louis LeFebvre de Cheverus), First Bishop of the Diocese of Boston, Massachusetts (1808-1823), Bishop of Montauban, France (1823-1826), and Bishop of Bordeaux, France (1826-1836). Text below title in French.…

Portrait lithograph of Cardinal of Bordeaux, France (1826-1836), first Bishop of Boston, Mass. (1808-1823), and Bishop of Montauban, France (1823-1926). Printed below lithograph: "Ed. Pingret, pina. Publie par Ed. Pingret. Maile scl." Printed in…

Religious procession which includes Archbishop Edmond Prendergast (blurred). Photo is labelled on verso as his installation. Does not indicate installation as auxiliary bishop or Archbishop. The procession includes many clerics. Undated.

Oil painting of Bishop Edmond Prendergast of Philadelphia. Undated.
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