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Color lithograph portrait of Pope Benedict XV. Printed in bottom left corner: "Copyrighted 1914 by Muller, Luchsinger & Co. New York." Print is numbered No. 665.

Portrait photograph of Cardinal Biondi, with a personal note to Msgr. Bernard J. McKenna. Note inscribed below photograph reads "To my dear friend Msgr. Bernard J. McKenna with sincere good wishes. Rome: March 21st 1939. P. Card. Fumasoni Biondi,…

Portrait photograph of Pietro Fumasoni Biondi, Apostolic Delegate. Title devised by cataloger. Note below photograph is in Italian and is dated 7 April 1924. Inscribed to bottom right of photograph: "Harris & Ewing".

Portrait photograph of Pope Pius X, bearing his handwritten dedication (in Latin) and signature, 1907. Photographer's mark appears below photograph.

Photograph of Receiving Committee for Papal Delegate Giovanni Bonzano at reception given by A.C.H.S. on January 3, 1916. List of names inscribed below photograph. Note above title reads "Pr. [photograph?] by Rev. Wm. J. Lallou, President, Jan. 7,…

Photograph of group of men including Archbishop Dougherty, possibly Cardinal Mercier, and others. Photographer unknown. Title devised by cataloger. Photograph likely from Mercier's 1920 trip to Philadelphia.

Photograph of group of men including Cardinal Mercier. Names inscribed on verso read: "D. Dougherty", "J. Wanamaker", "Card. Mercier", "Mayor Moore", "M. Crane", "Stoesbury", and "D. A. Monahan". Photographer unknown. Title devised by cataloger.…

Photograph of John O'Hara with others. Housed in folder. Appears to be in Vatican City. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Photograph album of what appears to be the occasion of Dennis Dougherty's consecration as Cardinal in Vatican City, Rome, 1921. Contains 11 pages with photographs of consecration ceremony and group photographs of Dougherty and other clergy. Title…

Full length portrait photograph of Monsignor Straners of Rome (first name unknown). Photographer's mark appears below portrait.

Portrait photograph of Cardinal Bisleti, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and University Studies. Signed by G. Felici below bottom right corner of photograph. A note in Latin is inscribed under the photograph in ink.
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