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Wood 52.420diba.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Spalding of Baltimore, from Patrick F. Delaney (Tamaqua), Daughter’s problem married to priest’s brother; mentions Bishop Kenrick

Wood 53.37ab.pdf
Letter to Bishop Wood, from P.W. Sheafer, Pottsville, mix-up in deeds and lots for a Church in Gilberton.

Wood 52.37ab.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Wood, from Mr. P. Brady, Wolcott’s Case, Towanda

Wood 52.47ab.pdf
Letter to Bishop Wood, from P. Brady, accounts of the case received by Brady.

Wood 51.1031WS.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Martin J. Spalding, from Bishop James F. Wood, the Fort Delaware Prisoners – Basil Duke’s stay at the prison; clergy passes

Wood-Duke March 21 , 1864.pdf
Letter to Basil Duke from Bishop Wood, during Duke's imprisonment in a Union POW camp. Letter references a coat and book on Catholic missions given to Duke by Wood.

Wood-Duke April 21, 1864.pdf
Letter to Basil Duke from Bishop Wood, discusses the Mission book given to Duke and his hopes for being exchanged.

Ryan 61.172acl.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Ryan, from Aloysius Misteli, Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Churchville, PA, assignment to St. Clair, Pennsylvania.

Ryan 61.175acl.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Ryan, from Reverend H.J. McManus, McManus requests a change from Lost Creek parish; describes the winter conditions in general.

Letter to Bishop Wood from Sara Churchman, account of her conversion to Catholicism principally due to doctrine of infallibility

History and membership information for the Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute.

Address of John O'Neill's to the Irish American.

Letter to Archbishop Wood from J.F. Shanahan about the Molly Maguires.

Letter to Bishop Wood from Father Moriarty about his resignation of faculties of the Diocese of Philadelphia

Letter to Father Moriarty from Bishop Wood, the suspension of his faculties, if he delivered the speech at the Academy of Music

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Mariano Maller, C.M., June 3, 1844

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Alexander Frasi, C.M., November 03, 1843

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Bartholomew Rollando, C.M., November 18, 1845

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Edward J. Sourin, S.J., March 4, 1843.

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Patrick E. Moriarty, O.S.A., June 25, 1842

A portrait of Reverend Patrick E. Moriarty, OSA, founder of Villanova University

A sketch of the Belle-Air estate, the home of John Rudolph, as it appeared in 1842

A drawing of Villanova University as it would have appeared in 1849. From left to right, the chapel/oratory, Belle-Air Mansion, the College Building, and the old Rudolph barn.
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