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Portrait photograph of the future Cardinal Dougherty, possibly taken in the Philippines, with picture of Pope Benedict XV in the background. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of Cardinal Dougherty and group of young men and clergy in Vigan, Ilocano, Philippines. Taken at the College-Seminary of Vigan. To Dougherty's right, Fr Carroll. Probably taken in the month of October, as evidenced by the “October medals”…

Dugherty with the Apostolic Delegate A Ambrose Agius during a visitation in Nueva Segovia diocese, ca. 1906 or 7. Seated to the right of Agius is James Jordan Carroll, Dougherty’s secretary, who later became bishop of Nueva Segovia (1908–1912). With…

Provincial Council of Manila, December 1907. Council Fathers, Left to Right seated centre: Bp Thomas A Hendrick (Cebu, died 1909), Archbp Jeremiah J Harty (Manila, ad interim administrator of Jaro at that time due to the demise of Frederick Z Rooker…
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