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Group photograph of delegates at the 7th annual convention of the American Federation of Catholic Societies in Boston. Photographer unknown.

Certificate of membership of Martin I. J. Griffin into the Sodality of St. Joseph's Church. Dated April 15, 1866. Printed below certificate: "J. Queen del. Lith of Duval, Williams & Duval. Pha." Lithograph shows the Blessed Virgin Mary and scenes…

Membership certificate for a Marian Sodality at St. Mary's Church in Philadelphia. The name of the Sodality is not listed. Certificate shows that Mary McMullen was admitted to the Sodality on February 14, 1864. At top is an image of the interior of a…

Photograph of children on steps and porch of the Mary R. and W. Brice Home in Port Kennedy, Pa. (now Upper Merion Township) during summer outing for poor Catholic children. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of the members of the Holy Name Society of St. Edward's Parish, Philadelphia, Pa. on the steps of the church, September 23, 1913. Signed by Caywood Photo.

Photograph of delegates to the convention of the American Confederation of Catholic Societies in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Photographer unknown.

Copy of autographed newspaper article regarding address of the St. Augustine Temperance Beneficial Society presented to the Rev. Theobald Mathew on Dec. 4, 1849, and his reply. Includes an engraving of Father Mathew by C. G. Hookey. Printed by C.…

Group photograph of the delegates to the first Convention of the Federation of Colored Catholics of the United States, December 6-7, 1925.

Inscribed in bottom center of photograph: "Capitol Photo Service, 319 Penn Ave. S.E. Washington, D.C."

Group photograph of the delegates to the Forty-Seventh Annual Convention of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America held in Scranton, Pennsylvania, August 7-9, 1917. In the background is a navy recruitment poster reading "Be a Submarine…
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