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Portrait photograph of Archbishop Patrick J. Ryan of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Inscribed in bottom left quadrant: "Copyright 1886 by O. B. de M."

Portrait photograph of Archbishop Patrick J. Ryan. Photographer's stamp appears in bottom right corner and reads: "Copyright O. B. de M."

Lithograph portrait of Rev. Anthony Schenk. Lithographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Print of portrait lithograph of Archbishop James Wood on the cover of McGee's Illustrated Weekly, Saturday, July 6, 1878. Artist unknown.

Portrait photograph of Archbishop James Wood of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Printed below portrait: "Phototype, F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia. Copyright secured."

Title taken from verso. Note on verso indicates that this item belonged to Francis X. Reuss. Photographer's mark appears on verso.

Portrait photograph of Dennis Dougherty as seminarian or young priest. Housed in folder. Signed by Phillips Studio.

Portrait print of Archbishop Patrick Ryan. Credit line below print reads "Published by William Smith, Print Seller, 33 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia, Pa."

Photograph of group at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, during the visit of Francesco Cardinal Satolli, first Apostolic Delagate to the U.S., in June 1893. Some priests have been identified, including Archbishop Ryan, Satolli, and Prendergast. Title…

Portrait photograph of Reverend Felix J. Barbelin. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of seminary faculty, including Dennis Dougherty; and visitors, including Archbishops Ryan & Prendergast. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Portrait photograph of Rev. Patrick Rafferty (hand-painted). Photograph is dated 1887. Photographer's mark appears below portrait. Additional notes on verso.

Photograph of group of clergymen, including Msgr. Cavanaugh, Bishop Foster, Bishop Kennedy. Note on verso reads "Standing on left. Msgr. Cavanaugh, Chancellor Phila. & Bishop Foster, Bishop Kennedy". Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Martinelli, Sabastiano Card.jpg
Photograph of the future Cardinal Sebastiano Martinelli, Apostolic delegate to the U.S., with a group of Augustinians at Villa Nova. Photographer unknown.

Colored lithograph portrait of Rt. Rev. John Hughes, Coadjutor to the Bishop of New York. Printed to bottom left of lithograph: "From life on stone by A. [Albert] Newsam". Printed to bottom right of lithograph: "P. S. Duval, Lith., Phila.". Printed…

Elcock, John J. et al.jpg
Group portrait photograph of four clergymen. Photographer's mark appears below photograph. Extensive notes on verso.

Breihof, Sebastian.jpg
Portrait photograph of Rev. Sebastian J. Breihof, a Redemptorist priest (1850-1921). Title taken from verso. Photographer's mark below photograph reads "Bachrach & Bro., Balto." [i.e., Baltimore].

Photograph of thirteen unidentified priests, except for Msgr. Eugene Murphy (taken prior to 1900). Note inscribed on photograph reads "Msgr. Eugene Murphy - Pastor of St. John's the Baptist. 1890-1898. Manayunk, Phila." Title devised by cataloger.…

Blenkinsop, Peter.jpg
Portrait lithograph of Reverend Peter Blenkinsop, S.J. Published by T. Coleman of Philadelphia. A.L. Weise, lithographer. Signature in bottom right corner of lithograph reads "Hohenstein" (possibly Adolfo Hohenstien?).

Engraving of Archbisop Patrick Ryan. Artist unknown.

Print of portraits of the first five Archbishops of Baltimore, Maryland: John Carroll, Leonard Neale, Ambrose Marechal, James Whitfield, and Samuel Eccleston. Printed at bottom of item: "Published by John [name missing], Chambersburg, Pa" (could…

Lithograph portrait of Charles Constantine Pise, a priest in Washington, D.C. Signed "S. H. Gimber, Sc., N.Y." (i.e., lithographer and engraver Stephen Henry Gimber).

Drawing of photograph of Baltimore heirarchy standing on what appears to be the steps of the Cathedral at Baltimore. Clipping from Harper's Weekly, November 17, 1866. Signed "W. Jewett" in drawing. Photograph by Bendann Brothers, Fifth Avenue, New…

Print depicting the ceremonial funeral procession in honor of Daniel O'Connel (d. May 1847) organized by the Irish of New York City. The image shows the procession winding in an S-shape from the upper right hand corner to the lower left hand corner…

Bust portrait of Archbishop John Hughes. Printed below portrait: "Eng'd by T. Doney"; "New York. Published by D. & J. Sadlier & Co."

Seated portrait of Bishop Thomas McGovern. Inscription on back states that it may be from "The Catholic Heirarchy of the United States" (1888). Writing in pencil on recto has been erased. Title taken from verso. Engraver unknown.

Half portrait of Bishop James O'Connor seated. Note on verso indicates that this is a page from "The Illustrated History of the Catholic Church in the United States" (Vol. 2. Page 116) edited by Richard H. Clarke (1889). Printed below portrait…

Lithograph portrait of Bishop James F. Wood. Printed below portrait: "Published by Wm. Smith, Print Seller, 702 South 3rd St., Phila Pa. Drawn on Stone by Magee." Printed below title: "T. S. Wagner's Lith. Philadelphia."

Lithograph with small cameo portraits of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the United States, with a cameo portrait of Pope Pius IX at the top. At the bottom is printed "Euntes Ergo Docete Omnes Gentes" ("Go Forth and Teach All Nations").…

Pastor of Old St. Joseph's Church, Philadelphia. Shown full length standing in front of an altar.

Group photograph of priests at the Diocese of Little Rock (Arkansas) priest's retreat. Photographer's mark appears in lower right corner and reads "Shrader Photo".

Photograph of Bishop Michael Crane of Philadelphia, Pa. Note inscribed on photo reads: "To my lifelong friend Cardinal Dougherty". Title devised by cataloger.

Full length portrait photograph of unidentified priest. Photographer unknown.

Full-length portrait photograph of unidentified priest. Inscribed on photograph: "Copyrighted '92 by D. H. Anderson". Printed below photograph: "Anderson. 785 Broadway N.Y."

Portrait engraving of unidentified priest. Creator's mark is illegible.

Oval-shaped portrait of unidentified priest, hand-painted. Photographer unknown.

Oval-shaped portrait of unidentified priest, hand-painted. Photographer unknown.

Oval-shaped portrait of unidentified priest, hand-painted. Photographer unknown.

Oval-shaped portrait of unidentified priest, hand-painted. Photographer unknown.

Oval-shaped portrait of unidentified priest, hand-painted. Photographer unknown.

Oval-shaped portrait of unidentified priest, hand-painted. Photographer unknown.

Portrait lithoraph of unidentified priest. Printed in bottom left corner of lithograph: "On stone by A. Newsam". Printed in bottom right corner of lithograph: "P. S. Duval's Lith. Philada."

Photograph portrait of Archbishop Sebastian Martinelli, apostolic delagate to the U.S. and titular archbishop of Ephesus. Signed and copyrighted by F. Gutekunst in bottom right quandrant of portrait. Title taken from verso.

Lithograph of a painting of Maurice D'Aussac de St. Palais, Bishop of Vincennes (later Indianapolis), Indiana. Printed below portrait: "CH Vogt Lith. 1852."; "Peint par Darjou, Paris, 1851." Original painting by Alfred-Henri Darjou (1851); lithograph…

Portrait engraving of Archbishop John Carroll. Printed below portrait: "Painted by J. Paul. Engraved by W. S. Leney, E.S.A. & B. Tanner, E.S.A." Mounted on cardboard.

Portrait photograph of Bishop John W. Shanahan, first Bishop of Harrisburg, Pa. Printed in bottom left corner of photograph: "Copyrighted 1889 by H.B.H." Signed "Hansbury, Phila." in bottom right corner.

Print showing all of the members of the Catholic Heirarchy in the United States. Appears to be a collage of full-length portrait photographs and prints of individual clergy combined into one print. Background is a print of a large room with an altar,…

Pastoral letters of Archbishop Carroll, to the congregation of Trinity Church during their schism over the authority who appoint a pastor.
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