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Autographed engraving of Rev. Daniel William Cahill. Printed below portrait: "Engd. by J. C. McRae, N.Y." Published by D. & J. Sadlier & Co. in 1860. Note inscribed in ink under engraving reads: "I consider the portrait of me, executed by the Messrs.…

Engraving of a sketch of Pope Pius IX at prayer. Artist's mark appears on verso.

Color engraving of exterior of Cathedral of Sts. Peter & Paul, Philadelphia, dated 1860, with episcopal residence and seminary on either side. Printed below image: "Drawn by H. Nell [?]. Published by W. Syckelmoore, 624 S. Sixteenth St., Philada.…

Print (engraving) from Harper's Weekly, December 18, 1869. Print shows the exterior of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, N.Y., and clipping of short article about construction of cathedral. Adhered to heavy paper.
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