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Photograph of the guests at the Golden Jubilee Banquet in honor of Rt. Rev. Monsignor George Bornemann on June 20, 1915. Includes Archbishop Prendergast sitting in the middle.

Dougherty1900 Rome1.jpg
Photograph of a group of seven priests, including Dennis Dougherty on left. Taken in Rome. Photographer's stamp appears in bottom left corner.

Dugherty with the Apostolic Delegate A Ambrose Agius during a visitation in Nueva Segovia diocese, ca. 1906 or 7. Seated to the right of Agius is James Jordan Carroll, Dougherty’s secretary, who later became bishop of Nueva Segovia (1908–1912). With…

Provincial Council of Manila, December 1907. Council Fathers, Left to Right seated centre: Bp Thomas A Hendrick (Cebu, died 1909), Archbp Jeremiah J Harty (Manila, ad interim administrator of Jaro at that time due to the demise of Frederick Z Rooker…

Group photograph of what appears to be the American heriarchy of the Catholic Church. Standing in front of a building (Catholic University?). Title devised by cataloger. Photographer's mark appears on verso.

Photograph showing a group of cardinals, bishops, priests, and laymen at the Catholic University of America. Possibly the August 1917 meeting of the National Catholic War Council. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of children in catechitical class. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of children in catechitical class. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of Cardinal Dougherty with other clerics and large group of people on a flight of stairs. Taken in Philippines. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of members of the Knights of Columbus on the steps of the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, Philadelphia, Pa. during the convention of May 11, 1915.

West Catholic Students 1917.jpg
Photograph of students of West Philadelphia Catholic High School for Boys, together with members of the faculty, in front of the Transfiguration School. Dated 6/12/17.

Group portrait of clergy and other men, taken in Japan. Seated figure in the front center may be Bishop George Caruana. Embossed in gold below photograph: "R. Maruki. Atarashibashi Kado, Shiba, Tokio, Japan."

Group portrait of a group of unidentified young priests. Item has been removed from frame; dated 1916 on the back of the frame. Photographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Photograph of Cardinal Dougherty and group of young men and clergy in Vigan, Ilocano, Philippines. Taken at the College-Seminary of Vigan. To Dougherty's right, Fr Carroll. Probably taken in the month of October, as evidenced by the “October medals”…

Photograph of Receiving Committee for Papal Delegate Giovanni Bonzano at reception given by A.C.H.S. on January 3, 1916. List of names inscribed below photograph. Note above title reads "Pr. [photograph?] by Rev. Wm. J. Lallou, President, Jan. 7,…

Group portrait of unidentified clergy and other men in from of the Ryan Memorial Library at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. Photographer's mark appears in lower right corner.

Group portrait of unidentified priests. Photographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Photograph of the members of the Holy Name Society of St. Edward's Parish, Philadelphia, Pa. on the steps of the church, September 23, 1913. Signed by Caywood Photo.
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