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Correspondence from H.R. Bostwick to Sands. Discusses electric bill to Imperial Palace in Korea, and encloses letter to Hyen Sang Kien, telling why payments to Prince Eui Wha have stopped (dated 11/14/1901). Also filed here, letter from H.R.…

"Private Cipher Code" for William Franklin Sands and H.R. Bostwick.

55. "The Ceremony of Palace;" procedures and protocol.

Terms of an agreement in which Woo-San Mines would loan 3 Million Yen for 50 Years at 4% interest, in return, they would take part in controlling the mines.

Newspaper article dealing with the return of poor-quality nickel banks that were to be used in Korean currency.

Certificate of stock and Indebtedness of the Chameleon Club to William Franklin Sands

Written paper with code words and what they stand for.

Dispatch of the U.S. Minister. Translation of the Japanese paper in Japan, discussing Sands appointment to Korea

Announcement of the Establishment of a government in Korea. There is a page in Korean.

Two pages titled “Extracts from Mr. H.R. Bostwick’s Letters Dated November the 16, 1900." They mostly talk about mining.

59. Invitation for William Franklin Sands to the Opening of Seoul Electric Co's Plant at East Gate, 9/17/1901.

Invitation from the Japanese Minister and Madame Hayashi to William Franklin Sands to attend an afternoon party.

Invitation to William Franklin Sands to Seoul Electric's celebration for the Emperor's 50th birthday.

Invoice for a subscription to The Japan Daily Advertiser from 05/07/1899 – 07/09/1899.

Letter from Ch. Morney (?) to unknown, 6/2/1901. Part of letter in French.

Letter from Charles Denby to William Franklin Sands. He is asking that the passport for Mr. Leigh Hunt and family be made available.

Letter from Claport [?] to William Franklin Sands. Discusses Sands visiting Pusan, a visit by Bostwick and his wife, and the troubles in the capital.

Letter from Devin A. Garrity to Lt. M. Frederick Nelson (USNR). Letter on behalf of William Franklin Sands and his book on Korea.

Letter from E. Clerveaux [?] to William Franklin Sands, the letter is in French.

Letter from E.W. Nardin to Mr. Bostwick, discussing mines in Korea.

Letter from H. Collbran to William Franklin Sands, The letter discusses a possible American loan to Korea.

75. Letter to William Franklin Sands from H.R. Bostwick, 05/04/1901. This letter talks about the coinage of nickels for Yi Yong Ik so that he may pay off debts to Collbran and Bostwick.

Letter from H.R. Bostwick to William Franklin Sands. It is a note about the money that the Emperor of Korea owes to Collbran and Bostwick.

Letter from H.R. Bostwick to William Franklin Sands from H.R. Bostwick. Dr. Allen doesn’t want to see the Emperor of Korea until he hears from Washington. This deals with the debt owed to Collbran and Bostwick.

Letter from H.R. Bostwick to William Franklin Sands. The letter says Dr. Allen would like to see Hyen, and talks about a deal for Port Hamilton.

Letter to William Franklin Sands from H.R. Bostwick. It is a letter about a railroad that the Seoul Electric Company built and is being threatened with destruction by the Seoul Chemulpo Railway.

Letter from Horace N. Allen to William Franklin Sands. Allen thanks him for kind words, and wishes him luck in his new position.

Letter from Horace N. Allen to William Franklin Sands, regarding official deeds requested by Horace. Enclosed is a letter from AN Tuk Young, discussing price of said deeds (12/25/1900). Also filed here is a receipt for fees received by Horace from…

Letter from Jim McMorton to William Franklin Sands. He is sending a bill against Le Gendre’s estate for use of the telegraph.

Letter from John Sherman to William Franklin Sands. Sherman acknowledges that Sands may have to go to Nagasaki to testify against the Japanese people who assaulted him.

Letter from Jordan, tells of a contract between the government of Korea and the British Merchants Murdock and Hay.

Letter from Kim Chang Su, discusses Korean politics.

Letter discussing military matters.

Letter from L.C.P. to D.H. Blake, talks about repacking some damaged crates before reshipping.

Letter from M. Hayaski (?) to William Franklin Sands, 9/22/1901. Questioning the privacy of their conversation, and relates warning given to reporters of their conduct.

Letter from Park Che Son to Jordan, 12/29. Deals with the mine, and Murdock and Hay.

Letter from S. Markel [?] to William Franklin Sands. He says not much is happening in China, asks for food, mentions Report No. 17, and asks for photographs.

Letter from Sands to unknown. Discusses possible changes to the Korean Cabinet, and lists some members.

Letter from Suzanne Vidal to William Franklin Sands. Sands has a note at the top requesting her to visit the Emperor because he wanted to see what a small foreign girl looked like. She replies that she will go to a private audience with the…

Letter from Syngman Rhee to Chairman of UN Conference. Discusses Korea's admittance to the UN, since they have met the qualifications.

Letter from unknown to William Franklin Sands, 1900. The writer is asking if Sands can get him a pair of live swans to give to an admiral.

Letter to William Franklin Sands from W. Pritchard Morgan, mentions mining gold in Sunan.

Letter from William Pritchard Morgan to William Franklin Sands, Deals with a mine that Morgan is working for Murdock and Hay.

Letter from William Pritchard Morgan to William Franklin Sands, Deals with a mine that Morgan is working for Murdock and Hay.

Letter from Y.G.K. Yee (?) to William Franklin Sands. Tells Sands of his travel plans and how he can be reached, includes hand-drawn map.

Letter from Ye Chayum [?] to unknown, 04/01/1899. Allen paid a sum of $450 in silver to Ye Chayum.

Letter from Yi Chong Kun translated "Sir, Herewith I send you a paper of permission for hunter Nam Tai Hei. Yours obediently, Yi Chong Kun."

A Second letter to Salisbury – Foreign Office – London talks about British miners arresting a government official at their mine on 2/16 and Britain’s response.

Letter to the British Charge d’Affaires at Seoul. It talks about British miners arresting a government official at their mine on 2/16.

Letter to William Franklin Sands from E. Clerveaux [?]. Letter is in French
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