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Lithograph of Chicago as it looked in 1833. Shows buildings in Chicago at the junction of the North and South branches of the Chicago River. Lithographer and date unknown.

Blank certificate. Interior of unidentified church at top. Lithographer unknown.

Portrait lithograph of Rev. James Regnery. Born May 31, 1852. Ordained priest January 24, 1878. Lithographer's signature illegible.

Portrait lithograph of Bishop Louis Rappe of the Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio. Printed below portrait: "Western Biogl. Pub. Co."

Autographed portrait lithograph of Reverend Thomas Mooney. Printed below title: "by M. Keogh, 339 East 10th St., N.Y."

McLoghlin, B.F..jpg
Signed lithograph of pastor of St. Mary's Church, Cortland, NY. Note reads: "With esteem, & kind regards, Yrs. Sincerely, B. F. McLoghlin, Pastor of St. Mary's Ch., Cortland, N.Y." Printed in bottom left corner: "Packard & Butler, Lith., Phila."

Signed lithograph portrait of William A. McLoughlin. Lithographer's mark is not legible.

Colored lithograph portrait of Cardinal John McCloskey, First Cardinal of New York (born 1810; ordained 1834; consecrated 1844; died 1885). Printed below lithograph: "Copyrighted by G. F. Gilman, 18[?]" Text below title reads: "[Ta]ken from life in…

Lithograph portrait of Michael M. McAleer of St. Columba's Church, New York, NY. Artist unknown.

Mathews, George W.jpg
Lithograph portrait, signed "Yours truly, Geo W. Mathews". Printed below lithograph: "Packard, Butler & Partridge". Title devised by cataloger.

Lithograph of pastor of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, NY. Printed below lithograph: "Printed by J. T. Bowen." Printed below title: "Painted and Drawn on Stone by M. C. O'Connor, Philadelphia".

Lithograph portrait of Reverend James A. Lanigan, a priest in Buffalo, N.Y. Artist's mark is not legible.

Lithograph portrait of Reverend Francis H. Kessing, a priest in Cincinnati, Ohio. Printed in bottom left corner of lithograph: "Packard & Butler, Lith, Phil."

Lithograph portrait of Francis Patrick Kenrick. Printed below lithograph: "Published and for sale by J. R. Downing, 139 South 8th St. and T. Colman, 1440 North 2d St., Phila."

Lithograph portrait of Right Reverend Francis X. Gartland, first Bishop of Savannah, GA (1850-1854). Printed below lithograph: "Drawn on stone by A. Newsam"; "From a Daguerrotype by Bradly, [340] Market St., Philada." (possibly G. P. Bradley, a…

Lithograph portrait of Right Reverend Francis X. Gartland, first Bishop of Savannah, GA (1850-1854). Printed below lithograph: "[Drawn on st]one by A. Newsam from a Daguerrotype" (partially mising); "P.S. Duval's steam lith. press, Philada."

Duffy, John J..jpg
Autographed portrait lithograph of Rev. John J. Duffy. Printed in bottom right corner: "Packard & Butler, Phila."

Portrait lithograph of Rev. Peter J. Dernis of New Jersey. Lithographer's mark in bottom left corner is not legible.

Portrait lithograph of Cardinal of Bordeaux, France (1826-1836), first Bishop of Boston, Mass. (1808-1823), and Bishop of Montauban, France (1823-1926). Printed below lithograph: "Ed. Pingret, pina. Publie par Ed. Pingret. Maile scl." Printed in…

Portrait lithograph of John Cheverus (Jean Louis LeFebvre de Cheverus), First Bishop of the Diocese of Boston, Massachusetts (1808-1823), Bishop of Montauban, France (1823-1826), and Bishop of Bordeaux, France (1826-1836). Text below title in French.…

Portrait lithograph of Rev. Daniel William Cahill, a Catholic clergyman from Ireland. Text beneath title reads "[?] this likeness of mine published by Mr. McCawley strikingly faithful & co[?] ..." Artist unknown.

Portrait lithograph of Ignace Bourget, Bishop of Montreal. French text translates as "Ignace Bourget. Bishop of Montreal, Assistant to the Pontifical Throne. Deputed in Rome to represent the Ecclesiastical Province of Quebec at the time of the…

Lithographic portrait print of Rev. Stephen Badin, from drawing. Printed bottom left of lithograph: "[Pri]nted by Onken, Cin. O." (i.e., Otto Onken, a lithographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio). Printed below lithograph: "Published by S. Gengembre…

Lithograph of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Printed in bottom left: "A Paris chez Giraldon Bovinet comm. Passage Vivienne No. 26." Printed in bottom right: "Lith. de Villain."
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