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Portrait photograph of Archbishop Prendergast. Signed by S. J. Castuer (?) and dated 1914 in bottom left corner.

Autographed photograph portrait of Thomas Shahan, rector of Catholic University of America, 1909-1927, and titular bishop of Germanicopolis (Turkey). Photographer's stamp appears below photograph and reads "Stein" (?).

Portrait photograph of Archbishop Prendergast (seated). Note inscribed below photograph reads "Yours faithfully in Christ, E. F. Prendergast, Abp. of Phila." Photographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Portrait photograph of Bishop Thomas Shahan, Rector of Catholic University. Notes on verso read "Bishop Thomas Shahan, Consecrated Bishop of Germanicopolis, Rector of Catholic University". Photographer's stamp below photograph reads "Stein." Title…

Very large portrait photograph of Archbishop Prendergast. Photographer unknown. Title devised by cataloger.

Portrait photograph of Cardinal Dennis Dougherty. Housed in folder. Photographer's mark below photograph reads "Pohle, Buffalo, N.Y."

Large portrait photograph (profile) of Cardinal Dougherty. Housed in folder. Photographer's mark below photograph reads "Pohle, Buffalo, N.Y." Title devised by cataloger.

Portrait photograph of Father John Walsh of St. Monica Parish, Philadelphia. Housed in folder. Photographer's mark appears below photograph.

Portrait photograph of the future Cardinal Dougherty, possibly taken in the Philippines, with picture of Pope Benedict XV in the background. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Portrait photograph of Archbishop Prendergast (seated). Note on verso reads: "Most Rev. Edmond Francis Prendergast, cons. [i.e., consecrated] Feb 24, 1897. Archbishop of Philadelphia May 27, 1911. Died Feb 26, 1918." Title taken from verso.…

Color lithograph portrait of Pope Benedict XV. Printed in bottom left corner: "Copyrighted 1914 by Muller, Luchsinger & Co. New York." Print is numbered No. 665.

Photograph portrait of man identified as David J. or Daniel J. Murphy or Meagher. Photographer's signature in bottom right corner is not legible. Title devised by cataloger.
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