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Prendergast 71.202acl.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from People of the Palmerton Parish, this group was in favor of Father Kuchanic‟s being kept at the parish

Prendergast-Buggy letter.pdf
To Archbishop Prendergast, from Bernard J. Buggy, problems with his son who was in the Boys‟ Catholic High School.

Prendergast 72.211acl.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from Bishop William Jones of Puerto Rico, about Reverend McDermott.

Prendergast 71.203acl.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from Father Emerich Kucharic, Palmerton Parish Problem. In his letter, Father Kucharic denies all charges; attached is a full report of the problem at Palmerton, Father Kucharis is ordered to leave by the Bishop…

Prendergast 71.201acl.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from Father Ladislas Kloucheck, St. Clair, Pennsylvania, the Bishop is asked not to accept the priest‟s letter of resignation

Prendergast 71.110ach.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from Anthony A. Hirst and Fitzpatrick, attorneys, disturbances at St. George‟s Church, Shenandoah

Prendergast 71.124ach.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from People of Palmerton Parish, petition to the Archbishop to allow them to build a Slovak Church, the Bishop Refused – and yet they went ahead and built the church.

Prendergast 71.745f.pdf
Letter to Father Walsh, from John J. Farren. About a Mr. Durell's letter on his thoughts of Catholic priests as immoral.

Prendergast 72.210.pdf
Letter to Reverend McDermott, from Archbishop Prendergast, forbidding the publication of a document

Prendergast 71.136ach.pdf
Letter to Very Reverend Peter Masson and Bishop Prendergast, from Reverend Ladislas Kloucheck, the new buildings at Immaculate Conception Parish, St. Clair.
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