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Pamphlet on the life and work of Alfred Smith.

Pamphlet on why to vote for Alfred E. Smith for president.

Pamphlet on Smith's Catholic faith and allegiance to the United States.

Pamphlet on Al Smith's record as Tammany legislator and governor.

Letter to Cardinal Dougherty, from Henry B. Clay. Discusses controversy concerning book “A Manual of Christian Doctrine” and its effect on Governor Alfred E. Smith, a candidate for President

Letter to Cardinal Dougherty, from Joseph Leib, concerning the nomination of Farley/Al Smith for the Presidential Election.

Letter to Honorable Alfred E. Smith, from Cardinal Dougherty. Discusses cancer and Smith's presidential run.

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, from Mrs. Wright – Philadelphia Workers for Al Smith, discussing vote for Alfred E. Smith

Envelope to Cardinal Dougherty, from Charles H. Krause, Sr. Contacts a booklet, “An Unanswerable Reply to the Roman Catholic Church," which is an anti-Catholic publication against Al Smith, the Pope, and most Catholic practices.

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty from “One of the Roman Catholics,” urges Dougherty to reiterate that Catholics are not being forced to vote for Al Smith

Letter to To Cardinal Dougherty from unknown. The writer asks Cardinal Dougherty to speak out on the present political campaign involving Al Smith

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, from anonymous, urges the Cardinal to urge women to vote for Al Smith for President.

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, from “A True Born Catholic,” Discusses “Persecution” of Catholics for Smith, and anti-Catholic Propaganda includes sample.
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