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Document created in memoriam of Archbishop James Francis Wood. Small portrait of Archbishop Wood at the top. Primarily text for the "Record of His Life, Sickness, Death, Obsequies, and 'Month's Mind". "Transcribed with a pen from the Catholic…

Lithograph portrait of Bishop James F. Wood. Printed below portrait: "Published by Wm. Smith, Print Seller, 702 South 3rd St., Phila Pa. Drawn on Stone by Magee." Printed below title: "T. S. Wagner's Lith. Philadelphia."

Portrait lithograph of Archbishop James Wood of Philadelphia. Published by Case & Atkins.

Portrait lithograph of Bishop James Wood of Philadelphia, seated in chair. Published by P. H. McCawley, New York. Autographed in lower right corner.

Portrait photograph of Archbishop James Wood of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Printed below portrait: "Phototype, F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia. Copyright secured."

Print of portrait lithograph of Archbishop James Wood on the cover of McGee's Illustrated Weekly, Saturday, July 6, 1878. Artist unknown.

Collage photograph containing large portrait of Pope Pius IX in the center and surrounded by 46 cameo photos of hierarchy and clergy, mainly associated with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
There are photos of Archbishop Bayley of Baltimore; Bishop…
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