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IC119_Exam 1904.pdf
Roman Catholic High School: Annual Examination, June 1904

Address of John O'Neill's to the Irish American.

Yellow fever deaths September 1798 (MC37).jpg
List of yellow fever deaths by day for August [?] and September.

Press release from the Korean Affairs Institute, 09/01/1945, dealing with a bill that liberated Korea will present to Japan for partial payment for losses suffered in 40 years of occupation.

Paper that Sands wrote “Monthly Expense of a Gentleman Traveling in Korea on Official Business, 1900.”

Translation of the Information of Ping Yang Governor. Talks about some British men taking Japanese laborers to illegally dig up a mine.

Paper describing Seoul's waterworks system.

47. Paper fragment discussing events involving Chinese military personnel and Korean skirmish.

Paper discussing the reformation of the Korean military.
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