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Letter from Mayor Of Philadelphia to the Archdiocese for help in the fight against the flu.

Pastoral letters of Archbishop Carroll, to the congregation of Trinity Church during their schism over the authority who appoint a pastor.

Lecture on the merits of Catholics supporting Prohibition.

Speech by Joseph France on the League of Nations

Pamphlet on the proposed League of Nations and the good it can do with the Church.

Article about the pros and cons of Prohibition written sometime during the 1930s. Reprint of an article which appeared in "The Catholic Review."

Proceedings from the First Conference of Catholics Favoring Prohibition.

Pamphlet on the Anti-Saloon League.

Directions for the exhibit.

Music score for Dougherty's silver jubilee.

Catholic educational exhibit, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893, circular of information and directions, May 1, 1893

Guide to the Irish industrial village and Blarney Castle, the exhibit of the Irish Industries Association at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago

PH63_Immaculate Conception Parish.pdf
Parish History of Immaculate Conception

PH63_Diamond Jubilee.pdf
Parish History of Immaculate Conception Parish

PH63_Centennial Observance.pdf
Parish History of Immaculate Conception Parish

PH114_1st Annaul Parish Reunion.pdf
Parish History of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish.

PH38_Novelty=Minstrels and Entertainment.pdf
Playbill for Minstrel show put on at St. Francis of Assisi Parish Hall.

PH38_Golden Jubilee.pdf
Parish History of St. Francis of Assisi Parish.

PH92_Fiftieth Anniversary.pdf
Parish History of St. Michael of the Saints

PH92_Fortieth Anniversary.pdf
Parish History of St. Michael of the Saints.

PH92_Twentieth Anniversary.pdf
Parish History of St. Michael of the Saints.

PH92_Souvenir of St Michael.pdf
Parish History of St. Michael of the Saints Church

PH138_100 years.web.pdf
Parish History of St Vincent de Paul.

Pamphlet on key issues that Catholics should reflect on when choosing a candidate.

Life story of Pope John Paul II.

Pamphlet on the life and work of Alfred Smith.

Pamphlet on why to vote for Alfred E. Smith for president.

Pamphlet on Smith's Catholic faith and allegiance to the United States.

Pamphlet on Al Smith's record as Tammany legislator and governor.

Envelope to Cardinal Dougherty, from Charles H. Krause, Sr. Contacts a booklet, “An Unanswerable Reply to the Roman Catholic Church," which is an anti-Catholic publication against Al Smith, the Pope, and most Catholic practices.

Pamphlet on Dr. Rush's work on the yellow fever epidemic in 1793.

P001.1443 Keiley.pdf
Memoranda of the history of the Catholic Church in Richmond, Va., since the revolution: reported to the fourth annual convention of the Catholic Benevolent Union of Virginia.

Updates one events in Korea, including a fire at a mint.

Newspaper article dealing with the return of poor-quality nickel banks that were to be used in Korean currency.

Newspaper article dealing with the return of poor-quality nickel banks that were to be used in Korean currency.

Newspaper article dealing with the return of poor-quality nickel banks that were to be used in Korean currency.

Newspaper clippings discussing Korean politics.

Newspaper clippings discussing Korean politics

Packet describing etiquette for diplomats, edited with handwritten notes.

The Provisional Constitution of the Republic of Korea.

Proclamation of Korean Independence

11. Document entitled Exhibit B, Proclamation of the National Assembly, 04/16/1919. There is an attached page in Korean.

Announcement of the Establishment of a government in Korea. There is a page in Korean.

Reports on troubles between Korea and Russia.

81.184.pledge of the legion of decency.pdf
Signed pledge of the Legion of Decency.

Dougherty-Wattson 1.pdf
Correspondence between Cardinal Dougherty and Father Paul James Francis Wattson. Discusses the Church Unity Octave.

Letter to Heuser from Patrick Sheehan. Discusses Sheehan's writings.

WWI Dead.pdf
List of Philadelphia area Catholics who died in World War 1.

St. Thomas Home Guide web.pdf
Guide to how Catholics should live their lives in their daily lives.

Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War and the effect on the Catholic Church.
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