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Autographed portrait lithograph of Reverend Thomas Mooney. Printed below title: "by M. Keogh, 339 East 10th St., N.Y."

Portrait lithograph of Bishop Bernard Claude Panet, Bishop of Quebec. Published by Fabre, Perrault & cie [i.e., Edouard-Raymond Fabre and Louis Perrault]. Printed below title: "Drawn by Sproule" [i.e., Robert Auchmuty Sproule]; "Bourne, Lith." [i.e.,…

Engraving of a sketch of Pope Pius IX with Papal Seal in upper right hand corner. Signed "O. Starlz[??]" [signature illegible] in lower left corner. Published by Patrick Donahoe, Boston.

Engraving of a sketch of Pope Pius IX at prayer. Artist's mark appears on verso.

Portrait print of Rev. John Power. Printed below engraving: "[Pain]ted by Geo. W. Twibill" (partially missing); "Engd. on steel by S. H. Gimber".

Portrait lithograph of Bishop Louis Rappe of the Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio. Printed below portrait: "Western Biogl. Pub. Co."

Portrait lithograph of Rev. James Regnery. Born May 31, 1852. Ordained priest January 24, 1878. Lithographer's signature illegible.

Colored print of Rev. Matt Ryan, who was imprisoned for refusal to break seal of the confessional. Issued as a supplement to Weekly Freeman (weekly edition to the Freeman's Journal), April 9, 1887. Printed underneath portrait: "Imprisoned in…

Portrait lithograph of Archbishop Patrick J. Ryan of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Printed in bottom left corner: "Compliments of the Catholic Standard". Artist unknown.

Lithograph portrait of Rev. Anthony Schenk. Lithographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Portrait lithograph of Saint Jean Vianney holding crucifix and rosary. Printed below portrait: "J. Schaefer, Publisher, 9 Barclay St., New York". Lithographer unknown.

Print of portrait lithograph of Archbishop James Wood on the cover of McGee's Illustrated Weekly, Saturday, July 6, 1878. Artist unknown.

Colored lithograph depicting the death of Irish statesman Daniel O'Connell in Genoa, Italy on May 15, 1847. Printed below lithograph: "Lith. & Pub. by J. Baillie, 87th St. near 3d Avenue NY". Copyrighted by J. Baillie and dated 1847.

Print of sketch of the Sixth Provincial Council of Baltimore, May 1846. Printed below drawing: "Sketched by Mr. Franquinet" (i.e., W. Franquinet?). Published by John Murphy.

Map of Washington, D.C. by surveyor Andrew Ellicott. Below title: "Engrav'd by Thackara & Vallance, Philada. 1792."

Print (photograph) of a portrait painting of Bishop John Joseph McCort. Undated.

Portrait print of Archbishop Patrick Ryan. Credit line below print reads "Published by William Smith, Print Seller, 33 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia, Pa."

Lithograph portrait of Bishop John Nepomucene Neumann of Philadelphia. Lithographer unknown.

Painting of unidentified clergyman sitting in an armchair with a book on his lap, with a small table to the left, and bookcases and a dark blue curtain and tassels in the background. No signature or date.

Portrait lithograph of Bishop James Wood of Philadelphia, seated in chair. Published by P. H. McCawley, New York. Autographed in lower right corner.

Portrait lithograph of Archbishop James Wood of Philadelphia. Published by Case & Atkins.

Color rendering of the apparition of Our Lady of Knock. Published by Gay Bros. & Co.

Large portrait engraving of John Boyle O'Reilly (1844-1890). Engraver's mark in lower right corner reads "Connelly-Co. S[-], N.Y."

Colored lithograph portrait of Rt. Rev. John Hughes, Coadjutor to the Bishop of New York. Printed to bottom left of lithograph: "From life on stone by A. [Albert] Newsam". Printed to bottom right of lithograph: "P. S. Duval, Lith., Phila.". Printed…

Print of drawing of Father Damien de Veuster by Edward Clifford. Dated 1868.

Blenkinsop, Peter.jpg
Portrait lithograph of Reverend Peter Blenkinsop, S.J. Published by T. Coleman of Philadelphia. A.L. Weise, lithographer. Signature in bottom right corner of lithograph reads "Hohenstein" (possibly Adolfo Hohenstien?).

Color engraving showing the Eighth Station of the Cross. Note on the bottom reads, "Engraved by permission from the celebrated prints in the Adam and Eve Chapel, Dublin." Print is glued onto wood. Notes inscribed on the back indicate that it was…

Color engraving of Saint Patrick. Print is glued onto wood. A note on the back states that it was brought to Pittsburgh (Pa.) from Dublin in 1801 (signed E. L. Hendry). Printed below title: "Published by Le Petit, 15 Capel Street [Dublin, Ireland]".

Color engraving showing Christ conversing with the woman of Samaria. Print is glued onto cardboard. Publisher's mark is partially missing.

Print of the apparition at Knock, County Mayo, Ireland, as seen on August 21, 1879. Remainder of title reads: "Many miraculous cures have been effected there since the above occurence. This view was taken on the spot by W. Collins. And submitted to,…

Engraving of Archbisop Patrick Ryan. Artist unknown.

Sign for the Bishop John Neumann Shrine at Fifth Street and Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. (St. Peter the Apostle Church). The sign has text at the top above a color print of Bishop John Neumann. Appears to date from before Neumann's canonization.…

Colored lithograph of Satterlee General Hospital in West Philadelphia. Published by James D. Gay. Adhered to heavy cardboard.

Color map of Catholic provinces in the United States. Printed in bottom right corner: "Copyright by M. H. Wiltzius & Co., 1899."

Print of parade with spectators lining the street. Published by Haasis & Lubrecht, Publishers, 107 Liberty St., New York. Printed by F. Heppenheimer & Co., 22 & 24 N. William St., N.Y.

Print of portraits of the first five Archbishops of Baltimore, Maryland: John Carroll, Leonard Neale, Ambrose Marechal, James Whitfield, and Samuel Eccleston. Printed at bottom of item: "Published by John [name missing], Chambersburg, Pa" (could…

Color lithograph portrait of Captain Thomas Francis Meagher. Signed bottom left: "E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, 245 Main St., Hartford, CT." Signed bottom right: "Geo. Whiting, 37 Fulton St. New York".

Lithograph portrait of Charles Constantine Pise, a priest in Washington, D.C. Signed "S. H. Gimber, Sc., N.Y." (i.e., lithographer and engraver Stephen Henry Gimber).

Drawing of the chalice used at the Statio Orbis of the 41st International Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia in 1976. Drawing is signed by metalsmith Albert Paley, who also made the chalice. Title taken from verso.

Color lithograph portrait of Pope Pius IX. Published by P.S. Duval & Son, Phila.

Portrait lithograph of Pope Pius IX. Printed by Thomas Hunter, 716 Filbert Street, Philadelphia. Title devised by cataloger.

Lithograph of Conshohocken Cottonade Mills. Lithographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Drawing of photograph of Baltimore heirarchy standing on what appears to be the steps of the Cathedral at Baltimore. Clipping from Harper's Weekly, November 17, 1866. Signed "W. Jewett" in drawing. Photograph by Bendann Brothers, Fifth Avenue, New…

Color lithograph portrait of Pope Benedict XV. Printed in bottom left corner: "Copyrighted 1914 by Muller, Luchsinger & Co. New York." Print is numbered No. 665.

Print depicting the ceremonial funeral procession in honor of Daniel O'Connel (d. May 1847) organized by the Irish of New York City. The image shows the procession winding in an S-shape from the upper right hand corner to the lower left hand corner…

Bust portrait of Archbishop John Hughes. Printed below portrait: "Eng'd by T. Doney"; "New York. Published by D. & J. Sadlier & Co."

Seated portrait of Bishop Thomas McGovern. Inscription on back states that it may be from "The Catholic Heirarchy of the United States" (1888). Writing in pencil on recto has been erased. Title taken from verso. Engraver unknown.

Printed below title: "In Memory of the Revd. Daniel Sheridan of St. Michael's Church, who departed this life on the 17th day of July 1856, and of the Revd. John Loughran, Pastor of Immaculate Conception, Mauch Chunk, who died on the 24th day of June…

Autographed lithograph portrait of Bishop John N. Neumann. Printed below portrait: "P. S. Duval & Son Phila. lith." Printed below lithograph: "Published by P. H. McCawley, New York."; "Ch. Inger, lith." Dated 1861.

Lithograph portrait of Bishop James F. Wood. Printed below portrait: "Published by Wm. Smith, Print Seller, 702 South 3rd St., Phila Pa. Drawn on Stone by Magee." Printed below title: "T. S. Wagner's Lith. Philadelphia."
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