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St. Thomas Home Guide web.pdf
Guide to how Catholics should live their lives in their daily lives.

Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War and the effect on the Catholic Church.

Photos and captions of RCHS trip to Loyola University for a basketball tournament.

Guide for Catholics on making good confessions.

Directions for inducting new members into the Archconfraternity of the Sacred Cincture of S.S. Augustine and Monica.

In Her Sister's Shadow.pdf
Life of St. Agnes of Assisi

Life of Mother Mary Basilia McCann.

Account of the Eastern Assyrian Church by Marcus George Daniel, self-titled archdeacon of the Nestorian Church.

Directory of the association in the United States.

St. Michael of the Saints, 1944.pdf
History of St. Michael of the Saints Parish (Philadelphia, Pa.)

St. Michael of the Saints, 1926.pdf
History of St. Michael of the Saints Parish (Philadelphia, Pa.).

St. Callistus.pdf
History of St. Callistus Parish (Philadelphia, Pa.).

P009.175 Koval.pdf
Life of Rev. John Koval and the history of St. Mary's Greek Rite Catholic Church.

OLBS 1925 web.pdf
Life of Rev. Farrell and the history of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish.

OLBS 1916 web.pdf
Life of Re. Thomas Park and history of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish.


seton hall college.pdf
Pamphlet on history of Seton Hall College and courses offered.

St. Francis de Sales Journal.pdf
Pamphlet on events at St. Francis

St. John-Statement of Debt.pdf
Information on debts and income for St. John the Evangelist Parish.

Stecher, Franz_PH0466.pdf
Pamphlet on history of basilicas and the paintings of The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Conewago.

St. Mary's Orphan Asylum web.pdf
History of the orphanage and its founder Rev. Tomiak written in both English and Polish.

St. Casimir History1.pdf
History of St. Casimir Parish in Philadelphia written in both English and Lithuanian.

St. Bartholomew 1969.pdf
History of St. Bartholomew's Parish in Philadelphia.

Sodalities of St. Joseph.pdf
Guide to establishing a St. Joseph's Archconfraternity as well as information on the privileges of the Confraternity.

P018.568 Zulueta.pdf
Pamphlet on the theology and importance of the Eucharist.

Pamphlet on the theology of the Resurrection

P012.0160 Fatima Center.pdf
History and mission of the The Catholic Russian Center of Our Lady of Fatima in San Francisco.

P010.0317 Zettler web.pdf
Pamphlet on the history of stained glass windows with images.

Pamphlet describing the organization of the Irish militias in the United States.

History and organization of the Archconfraternity of the Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

P008.423-Zettler web.pdf
Description and images of Stained glass windows

Pamphlet on the life and death of three missionaries to Japan,

Pamphlet on the principles of Catholic art and architecture.

P002.4166-Oregon School Law web.pdf
Court case on wheither the state of Oregon can enforce a compulsory public school attendance, effectively outlawing private elementary schools.

P002.3744 web.pdf
Pamphlet on the life and death of Father Mastrilli.

P002.2487 web.pdf
Pamphlet on the history and practices of the Byzantine Slavonic Catholics.

P002.2461 web.pdf
Pamphlet on the second seminar on how to address the problems of the Spanish speaking communities in Americans.

P002.0115 Hungary Exposed.pdf
Pamphlet on the Hungarian goverment's attempts to control Slovaks and Ruthenians immigrants in the United States.

Neumann Pastoral 1859 web.pdf
Pastoral letter on the state of the Catholic Church in Philadelphia.

Neumann Pastoral 1852 web.pdf
Pastoral letter from Bishop Neumann to the Diocese of Philadelphia on a Plenary Indulgence.

Molyneaux P001.0013.pdf
Transcript of the funeral sermon give by Rev. Molyneux for the Rev. Farmer.

Kenwood web.pdf
Pamphlet on the history of the Society of the Sacred Heart in New York.

DeCourson, Jesuits web.pdf
Pamphlet on the history of the Jesuits.

Confraternity of OL Perpetual Help1.pdf
Manual of the Confraternity of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Alphonsus.

Celtic Union.pdf
Constitution and By-Laws of the Celtic Union, an Irish American organization to being together other societies of the west coast.

History of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Bastress PA.

rebel mexico1.pdf
Pamphlet on the persecution in Mexico.

Broadside for the performance of "Single Life" by the St. Edward's Literary and Dramatic Institute at The People's Theatre, June 16, 1898. Includes cast listing. At bottom of broadside: "The Penn Printing and Publishing Co., successors to Ledger Show…

Broadside with the B. & O. Railroad schedule for special trains from Philadelphia for the funeral ceremonies for General Philip Sheridan in Washington D.C., August 11, 1888. At bottom of broadside: "Guggneheimer, Weil & Co., Printers, Baltimore."

Broadside for a concert benefiting the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon and Hospital in Philadelphia, November 29, 1861. Badly damaged with pieces missing at top and bottom of broadside.
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