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Side 1 At Dawning; Side 2 Pomp & Circumstance

Side 1 Does Jesus Care; Side 2, I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

Side 1 When was Jesus Born; Side 2 Silent Night

Untitled [organ music]

Praise the Lord in Many Voices

Untitled record

Side 1 Untitled [Our Lady of Fatima]; Side 2 Untitled [Our Lady of Fatima]

Side 1 Untitled [Our Lady of Fatima]; Side 2 Untitled [music]

Side 1 Mother's Day and the Colored Race; Side 2 Untitled

Side 1 Practical Christian Teaching Student Discussion; Side 2 Sound Test

Side 1 Practical Christian Training: Christ Heals the Sick; Side 2 Untitled

Comic used for Catholic education in parish schools.

Pamphlet from the First Vatican Council on the dogma of Papal Infallibility.

Pamphlet on the Infallibility of the Church.

Flu 7.pdf
List of Priests and Sisters that died from the Spanish Flu.

Flu 3.jpg
List of religious orders that served at Emergency Hospital No 2

Obituary for Jane Campbell

Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War.

Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War.

Directions for the exhibit.

PH63_Immaculate Conception Parish.pdf
Parish History of Immaculate Conception

PH63_Diamond Jubilee.pdf
Parish History of Immaculate Conception Parish

PH63_Centennial Observance.pdf
Parish History of Immaculate Conception Parish

PH114_1st Annaul Parish Reunion.pdf
Parish History of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish.

PH38_Novelty=Minstrels and Entertainment.pdf
Playbill for Minstrel show put on at St. Francis of Assisi Parish Hall.

PH38_Golden Jubilee.pdf
Parish History of St. Francis of Assisi Parish.

PH92_Fiftieth Anniversary.pdf
Parish History of St. Michael of the Saints

PH92_Fortieth Anniversary.pdf
Parish History of St. Michael of the Saints.

PH92_Twentieth Anniversary.pdf
Parish History of St. Michael of the Saints.

PH92_Souvenir of St Michael.pdf
Parish History of St. Michael of the Saints Church

PH138_100 years.web.pdf
Parish History of St Vincent de Paul.

Memo to Cardinal Dougherty on the suppression of St. Brendan’s Parish, Philadelphia.

Pamphlet on Smith's Catholic faith and allegiance to the United States.

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty from “One of the Roman Catholics,” urges Dougherty to reiterate that Catholics are not being forced to vote for Al Smith

Letter to To Cardinal Dougherty from unknown. The writer asks Cardinal Dougherty to speak out on the present political campaign involving Al Smith

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, from anonymous, urges the Cardinal to urge women to vote for Al Smith for President.

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, from “A True Born Catholic,” Discusses “Persecution” of Catholics for Smith, and anti-Catholic Propaganda includes sample.

Yellow fever deaths September 1798 (MC37).jpg
List of yellow fever deaths by day for August [?] and September.

81.184.pledge of the legion of decency.pdf
Signed pledge of the Legion of Decency.

81.183.letter to lamb.pdf
Letter to Rev. Hugh Lamb from unknown. Discusses the movie boycott.

81.183.letter 07.25.1934.pdf
Letter to Cardinal Dougherty from an unnamed person. Discusses the movie boycott.

St. Thomas Home Guide web.pdf
Guide to how Catholics should live their lives in their daily lives.

Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War and the effect on the Catholic Church.

Ryan 61.426mc.pdf
Letter to Father McDermott, from St. Patrick‟s Rectory, Pottsville, Pennsylvania (Part of the letter is missing), a fragment of a letter about a disturbance in New Philadelphia, a priest was yelling – he was only having a nightmare

Prendergast 71.202acl.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from People of the Palmerton Parish, this group was in favor of Father Kuchanic‟s being kept at the parish

Prendergast 71.124ach.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from People of Palmerton Parish, petition to the Archbishop to allow them to build a Slovak Church, the Bishop Refused – and yet they went ahead and built the church.

Prendergast 71.123ach.pdf
Letter to Bishop Joseph McCord of Philadelphia, from “The Committee” (Palmerton), parishioners of Palmerton apply for charter for erection of a Slovak Roman Catholic Church brought on because Reverend Emry Kucharic‟s successor has driven people away…

Wood 51.550.pdf
List of names of people who contributed to building of Church in Girardville, their occupation and place of residence; no date.

Wood 51.166ach.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Wood, from Citizens of Towanda, PA, church in Towanda, PA, and Father Toner.

Wood 51.50ab.pdf
Questions concerning the state of the Diocesan Church in Philadelphia; St. Joseph’s church in Tamaqua; Holy Family Church in Shenandoah; Spiritual and Temporal matters
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