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Opposition to state aid for parochial students takes the form of a threatening forest with the children left alone and afraid.

Bird's-eye view of Bath, NY, surrounded by images of prominent homes and churches. Printed below lithograph: "Thos. Hunter, Lith. Phila. Published by C. J. Corbin."

Beatrice M. Greene: Side 1 Golden Bells; Side 2 Even Me

Membership certificate for a Marian Sodality at St. Mary's Church in Philadelphia. The name of the Sodality is not listed. Certificate shows that Mary McMullen was admitted to the Sodality on February 14, 1864. At top is an image of the interior of a…

A sketch of the Belle-Air estate, the home of John Rudolph, as it appeared in 1842

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament outside the walls of Immaculate Conception Chapel on the feast of Corpus Christi in 1887.

100.2.1.Plaget, Benoist.JPG
Portrait lithograph of Bishop Flaget of Bardstown, KY (1833-1841); later Bishop of Louisville (1841-1850). Signed by H. Grevedon and dated 1839. Printed to bottom right of portrait: "Im. de Lemercier, Bernard et C."

Objection to the inclusion of China in the United Nations because of their history of human rights abuses.

The obsession of purchasing presents for Christmas has caused shoppers to trample over others in order to get to the next sale.

Print from Harper's Weekly showing an allegorical figure of Lady Liberty protecting the public schools from two Roman Catholic Priests. Signed by Thomas Nast.


Lithograph print of bird's-eye view of Philadelphia. Printed below lithograph: "[Dr]awn from nature and on stone by J. Bachmann. Lith. of Sarony & Major, 117, Fulton St. N.Y." Printed below title: "Published by [J.] Bachmann, 116 Greenwich St. New…

Photograph from St. Vincent's Orphanage in the Tacony section of Philadelphia, Pa., showing a birthday celebration with four children and one adult. Title devised by cataloger. Photograph of original.

Photograph taken in Nueva Segovia, Philippine Islands. Bishop Dougherty with four of his pioneer band. Seated next to him is Bishop MacGinley and on the extreme right is Bishop Carroll. Standing are Bishop Gercke and on his left Bishop McCloskey,…

Photograph of Cardinal Dougherty and group of young men and clergy in Vigan, Ilocano, Philippines. Taken at the College-Seminary of Vigan. To Dougherty's right, Fr Carroll. Probably taken in the month of October, as evidenced by the “October medals”…

Portrait photograph (full length) of Bishop Edmond Prendergast of Philadelphia. Appears to have been taken when he was still a priest, before he was made a bishop. Signed under photograph: "O. B. De Morat, No. 2 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia". Title…

Oil painting of Bishop Edmond Prendergast of Philadelphia. Undated.

Portrait photograph of Bishop Edwin Byrne, Bishop of Ponce, Puerto Rico (1925-1929); San Juan, Puerto Rico (1929-1943); and Archbishop of Santa, Fe, New Mexico (1943-1963). Signed by Richard T. Dooner.

Portrait photograph of Bishop Francesco Satolli. Clothing details have been hand-painted with white paint. Photographer's mark appears toward bottom right of portrait; stamp appears to bottom left of portrait.

Portrait photograph (color) of Bishop Francis Bible Schulte. Photographer unknown.

Autographed portrait photograph of Francis E. Hyland, Auxiliary Bishop of Savannah, GA (1949-1956) and Bishop of Atlanta, GA (1956-1962). Note inscribed below photograph reads "To Joe Ward, in gratitude for many kindesses and in memory of our happy…

Autographed portrait photograph of then-Bishop O'Hara, inscribed to Rev. John Heir. Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia (1929-1935); Bishop of Savannah (1935-1937), title changed to Savannah-Atlanta (1937-1959). Regent ad interim of apostolic nuncio to…

Hand-colored portrait photograph of Rev. Hubert J. Cartwright, former rector of SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Philadelphia (1938-1956), and Coadjutor bishop of Wilmington, Delaware (1956-1958). Photographer unknown.

Portrait print of Bishop Ignatius Horstmann. Creator unknown. Undated.

Print (photograph) of a portrait painting of Bishop John Joseph McCort. Undated.

Portrait photograph of Bishop John Joseph McCort, seated. Photographer's mark appears in bottom right corner of portrait and on verso. McCort served as the Bishop of Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Portrait photograph of Bishop John W. Shanahan, first Bishop of Harrisburg, Pa. Printed in bottom left corner of photograph: "Copyrighted 1889 by H.B.H." Signed "Hansbury, Phila." in bottom right corner.

Portrait photograph of Bishop Joseph McShea, Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia. Autographed to Rev. George O'Donnell and dated March 19, 1952. Photographer's signature appears in bottom right corner.

Photograph of Bishop Michael Crane of Philadelphia, Pa. Note inscribed on photo reads: "To my lifelong friend Cardinal Dougherty". Title devised by cataloger.

McCormick, Patrick J (DC).jpg
Portrait photograph of Bishop Patrick J. McCormick, with personal note to Cardinal Dougherty. Housed in folder. Photographer's mark appears in below photograph.

Portrait photograph (color) of Bishop Thomas Jerome Welsh. Photographer unknown.

Pamphlet on the anti-Catholic actions of Otto von Bismarck in Germany after the First Vatican Council.

Printed at bottom of certificate: "Woodward, Grant & Co. Lith. Toronto." Undated.

Portrait lithograph of Saint Jean Vianney holding crucifix and rosary. Printed below portrait: "J. Schaefer, Publisher, 9 Barclay St., New York". Lithographer unknown.

A photograph of the Bouvier Mansion, former home of Michael Bouvier, ancestor of First Lady Jacqueline bouvier Kennedy. It would become the third location of La Salle College in 1886.

Photograph from St. Vincent's Orphanage in the Tacony section of Philadelphia, Pa., showing boys in a large room playing games. Title devised by cataloger. Photograph of original.

Print from Harper's Weekly, July 29, 1871. Print shows Lady Liberty, holding a whip labeled "LAW", choking a stock caricature of an Irish American holding a dagger.

Hand-tinted photograph showing the groundbreaking ceremony for Fitzgerald-Mercy (i.e., Mercy Fitzgerald) Hospital in Darby, Pa. on March 2, 1932. Photo shows a group pf people with Dennis Cardinal Dougherty in the middle turning the first shovelful…

Brother B Thomas: Christmas Message

Brother B Thomas: Conclusion

A portrait of Brother Teliow Fackeldey, FSC, founder of La Salle University. he is credited with being the institution's first president, though he held this position for six months.

Color lithograph of a bird's eye view of the buildings of the Great Central Fair in Philadelphia, with the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul on the left hand side. Printed below lithograph: "Drawn from Nature & on Stone by James Queen. Printed in all…

A student is prevent from getting on a school bus by the driver because the child attends a Catholic school.

P002.2487 web.pdf
Pamphlet on the history and practices of the Byzantine Slavonic Catholics.

Exterior of the former Woodcrest Mansion, which now served as the classrooms for Cabrini College

Photograph of Camp Cardinal Dougherty in Sea Isle City, NJ. Exterior view with campers lined up in front of building. Photographer's mark to bottom right of photo reads "Dan E. Paul, Photographer, Philadelphia, Pa."


Print from Harper's Weekly, December 18, 1858. Print shows caricatures of Irish-Americans.

Photograph of the interior of the chapel in the North American College in Rome. Photographer unknown.

Color lithograph portrait of Captain Thomas Francis Meagher. Signed bottom left: "E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, 245 Main St., Hartford, CT." Signed bottom right: "Geo. Whiting, 37 Fulton St. New York".
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