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Letter from unknown to William Franklin Sands in regards to a fire at the palace.

Pamphlet on Smith's Catholic faith and allegiance to the United States.

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty from “One of the Roman Catholics,” urges Dougherty to reiterate that Catholics are not being forced to vote for Al Smith

Letter to To Cardinal Dougherty from unknown. The writer asks Cardinal Dougherty to speak out on the present political campaign involving Al Smith

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, from anonymous, urges the Cardinal to urge women to vote for Al Smith for President.

Letter to Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, from “A True Born Catholic,” Discusses “Persecution” of Catholics for Smith, and anti-Catholic Propaganda includes sample.

Yellow fever deaths September 1798 (MC37).jpg
List of yellow fever deaths by day for August [?] and September.

Terms of an agreement in which Woo-San Mines would loan 3 Million Yen for 50 Years at 4% interest, in return, they would take part in controlling the mines.

A Second letter to Salisbury – Foreign Office – London talks about British miners arresting a government official at their mine on 2/16 and Britain’s response.

Letter to the British Charge d’Affaires at Seoul. It talks about British miners arresting a government official at their mine on 2/16.

Translation of the Information of Ping Yang Governor. Talks about some British men taking Japanese laborers to illegally dig up a mine.

Part of an letter about a gold mine and Murdock and Hay’s involvement with the Korean Government.

Part of a letter to the American Trading Company, The letter has to do with the estate of General Le Gendre.

Ink drawing of a Chinese man, and something is written in Chinese on the back.

Report talks about Boxer Rebellion in Shang Hai, the bombardment from ships, trouble spreading, and a French Cathedral was burnt.

Paper titled “Translation.” This paper looks at whether and how the problems in China could spread to Korea.

Letter from unknown to William Franklin Sands, 1900. The writer is asking if Sands can get him a pair of live swans to give to an admiral.

Letter in Korean. Sands wrote its translation as “A Happy New Year vice Minister of Household Def, Yi Chi Yong.

Private Cipher Code, Seoul Korea, 04/11/1901

List of servants on a half sheet. On the back is how much each servant cost.

Updates one events in Korea, including a fire at a mint.

List of money owed by the Emperor of Korea to the firm of Collbran and Bostwick.

Letter from unknown to William Franklin Sands. Letter is in French

56. Dispatch from Imperial Foreign Office to Russian Legation (n.d.). Requests help in financial matters, discusses Anglo-Japanese relations.

Paper describing Seoul's waterworks system.

Newspaper clippings discussing Korean politics.

Newspaper clippings discussing Korean politics

Packet describing etiquette for diplomats, edited with handwritten notes.

Dispatch of the U.S. Minister. Translation of the Japanese paper in Japan, discussing Sands appointment to Korea

The Provisional Constitution of the Republic of Korea.

Proclamation of Korean Independence

11. Document entitled Exhibit B, Proclamation of the National Assembly, 04/16/1919. There is an attached page in Korean.

Announcement of the Establishment of a government in Korea. There is a page in Korean.

‘General rule' and 'Special rule' dealing with the Imperial Household.

81.184.pledge of the legion of decency.pdf
Signed pledge of the Legion of Decency.

81.183.letter to lamb.pdf
Letter to Rev. Hugh Lamb from unknown. Discusses the movie boycott.

81.183.letter 07.25.1934.pdf
Letter to Cardinal Dougherty from an unnamed person. Discusses the movie boycott.

St. Thomas Home Guide web.pdf
Guide to how Catholics should live their lives in their daily lives.

Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War and the effect on the Catholic Church.

Ryan 61.426mc.pdf
Letter to Father McDermott, from St. Patrick‟s Rectory, Pottsville, Pennsylvania (Part of the letter is missing), a fragment of a letter about a disturbance in New Philadelphia, a priest was yelling – he was only having a nightmare

Prendergast 71.202acl.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from People of the Palmerton Parish, this group was in favor of Father Kuchanic‟s being kept at the parish

Prendergast 71.124ach.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Prendergast, from People of Palmerton Parish, petition to the Archbishop to allow them to build a Slovak Church, the Bishop Refused – and yet they went ahead and built the church.

Prendergast 71.123ach.pdf
Letter to Bishop Joseph McCord of Philadelphia, from “The Committee” (Palmerton), parishioners of Palmerton apply for charter for erection of a Slovak Roman Catholic Church brought on because Reverend Emry Kucharic‟s successor has driven people away…

Wood 51.550.pdf
List of names of people who contributed to building of Church in Girardville, their occupation and place of residence; no date.

Wood 51.166ach.pdf
Letter to Archbishop Wood, from Citizens of Towanda, PA, church in Towanda, PA, and Father Toner.

Wood 51.50ab.pdf
Questions concerning the state of the Diocesan Church in Philadelphia; St. Joseph’s church in Tamaqua; Holy Family Church in Shenandoah; Spiritual and Temporal matters

Photos and captions of RCHS trip to Loyola University for a basketball tournament.

Directions for inducting new members into the Archconfraternity of the Sacred Cincture of S.S. Augustine and Monica.

Directory of the association in the United States.

St. Michael of the Saints, 1944.pdf
History of St. Michael of the Saints Parish (Philadelphia, Pa.)
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