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Autographed portrait lithograph of Rev. John J. Duffy. Printed in bottom right corner: "Packard & Butler, Phila."

Group photograph of clergy at the jubilee dinner for Dennis Cardinal Dougherty in 1946. Signed by "Stanlee Photo, Phila, Pa."

Studio portait photograph of Cardinal Dougherty. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of Cardinal Dougherty. Signed by The Phillips Studio in bottom right corner.

Portrait lithograph of Rev. Peter J. Dernis of New Jersey. Lithographer's mark in bottom left corner is not legible.

Print of engraving of Rev. Damen, S.J., published in the Catholic Society Journal in 1884. Engraving is signed "JMD" in bottom right corner.

Photograph of Rev. Joseph M. Corrigan, rector of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Overbrook, PA (1925-1936), rector of the Catholic University of America (1936-1942). Photographer's signature in bottom right corner is illegible.

Studio portrait photograph of Monsignor Joseph M. Corr, autographed in bottom right corner to Rev. George E. O'Donnell (note is not legible). Msgr. Corr was econome of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Overbrook, Pa.

Studio portrait photograph of Monsignor Joseph M. Corr. Ordained June 11, 1927. Domestic Prelate April 22, 1947. Title taken from verso. Signed by Phillips Studio and dated 1947.

Portrait photograph of Rev. Edward Corcoran, seated, with book in lap. Detail on chair has been hand-painted. Photographer unknown.

Hand-colored portrait photograph of Rev. Hubert J. Cartwright, former rector of SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Philadelphia (1938-1956), and Coadjutor bishop of Wilmington, Delaware (1956-1958). Photographer unknown.

Photograph of Rev. John P. Cahir, autographed to Rev. George O'Donnell. Signed by H. Zamsky in bottom right corner.

Portrait photograph of Bishop Edwin Byrne, Bishop of Ponce, Puerto Rico (1925-1929); San Juan, Puerto Rico (1929-1943); and Archbishop of Santa, Fe, New Mexico (1943-1963). Signed by Richard T. Dooner.

Photograph of Rev. Francis Aidan Brady. Note on verso reads "Rector, Church of St. Anthony de Padua, Phila. Died, May 2, 1944." Photographer's signature appears in bottom right corner, and stamp appears on verso.

Oval portrait print of James Roosevelt Bayley, first bishop of Newark, 8th Archbishop of Baltimore. Fragment of paper adhered to bottom of recto reads: "James R. Bayley, D.[D.] [?] Oct. 30th, 1853; promo[?] [?]2; died Oct. 3rd, 1877. [?] Newark"…

Portrait engraving of Rev. Felix J. Barbelin. Printed below engraving: "Engraved by A. B. Walter". Printed below title: "Published by T. Coleman, 1440 North Second St., Phila".

Lithographic portrait print of Rev. Stephen Badin, from drawing. Printed bottom left of lithograph: "[Pri]nted by Onken, Cin. O." (i.e., Otto Onken, a lithographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio). Printed below lithograph: "Published by S. Gengembre…
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