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Autographed hand-colored portrait photograph of Cardinal O'Connell of Boston, MA. Note inscribed below photograph reads "To my dear friends Mr. and Mrs. George Wurts with most cordial and grateful regards, W. Card. O'Connell, Abp Boston. Jan. 1,…

West Catholic Students 1917.jpg
Photograph of students of West Philadelphia Catholic High School for Boys, together with members of the faculty, in front of the Transfiguration School. Dated 6/12/17.

Photograph of group at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, during the visit of Francesco Cardinal Satolli, first Apostolic Delagate to the U.S., in June 1893. Some priests have been identified, including Archbishop Ryan, Satolli, and Prendergast. Title…

Sign for the Bishop John Neumann Shrine at Fifth Street and Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. (St. Peter the Apostle Church). The sign has text at the top above a color print of Bishop John Neumann. Appears to date from before Neumann's canonization.…

Interior of the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, Philadelphia, Pa. during the consecration (dedication) ceremonies, November 20, 1864. Print from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly. Inscribed at bottom of print: "A hole in the wall if ever there was…

Clipping from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, January 14, 1865. Shows the interior of SS. Peter & Paul Cathedral in Philadelphia. Sketched by F. H. & F. B. Schell.

Photograph of the Mass for Victory in Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pa., with a view of the stage and altar. Notes written below photograph read: "D. Card. Dougherty, Abp. of Phila., Presiding. Most Rev. George L. Leech, D.D., Bishop of Harrisburg,…

Photograph of the Mass for Victory in Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pa. Photographer unknown.

Portrait print of Rev. John Power. Printed below engraving: "[Pain]ted by Geo. W. Twibill" (partially missing); "Engd. on steel by S. H. Gimber".

Group photograph of participants at the First Vatican Council. Undated.

Mexico 7a.jpg
Newspaper describing the attempts by the Mexican government to limit the number of priests serving throughout the country.

Architectural drawing of designs for three alternative church towers. Title devised by cataloger.

Mexico 4b.jpg
Newspaper article describing the crowds gathered for the Mass protesting the Persecution of the Church in Mexico.

Autographed photograph portrait of Thomas Shahan, rector of Catholic University of America, 1909-1927, and titular bishop of Germanicopolis (Turkey). Photographer's stamp appears below photograph and reads "Stein" (?).

Architectural drawing of ground plan of third floor of St. Vincent's Seminary.

Color photograph of theology seminarians at St. Charles Seminary. Photograph by Maria Tucker Cusick, 7422 Miller Avenue, Upper Darby, PA 19082. Title taken from verso.

Portrait lithograph of Bishop James Wood of Philadelphia, seated in chair. Published by P. H. McCawley, New York. Autographed in lower right corner.

Lithograph portrait of Bishop James F. Wood. Printed below portrait: "Published by Wm. Smith, Print Seller, 702 South 3rd St., Phila Pa. Drawn on Stone by Magee." Printed below title: "T. S. Wagner's Lith. Philadelphia."

Oval portrait lithograph of Right Reverend Joseph Guigues, Bishop of Bytown, C.W. [i.e., Ontario, Canada]. Signed by L. Grozelier. Printed below portrait: "Published by P. H. McCawley, Kingston, C.W."; "L. Grozelier Lith. Boston."; "Printed at J.…

Portrait photograph of Father O'Connor, Rector of St. Bridget's Church at his death in 1883. Notes on verso reads: "The Reverend Father Richard O'Connor. Born --. Ordained priest, Saturday, June 6, 1846, in Pentecost Week, by the Right Reverend…

Print depicting the ceremonial funeral procession in honor of Daniel O'Connel (d. May 1847) organized by the Irish of New York City. The image shows the procession winding in an S-shape from the upper right hand corner to the lower left hand corner…

Portrait engraving of Archbishop John Carroll. Printed below portrait: "Painted by J. Paul. Engraved by W. S. Leney, E.S.A. & B. Tanner, E.S.A." Mounted on cardboard.

Colored lithograph portrait of Archbishop John Hughes of New York, NY (1850-1864). Appears to be a memorial lithograph done after his death. Printed below lithograph: "E. B. & E. C. Kellogg, 245 Main St., Hartford, CT."; "Phelps & Watson, 18 Beekman…

Bust portrait of Archbishop John Hughes. Printed below portrait: "Eng'd by T. Doney"; "New York. Published by D. & J. Sadlier & Co."

Engraving of portrait of Archbishop John Hughes of New York, NY (1850-1864). Printed below engraving: "Engd. by T. Doney"; "New York, Published by D. & J. Sadlier & Co."

100.2.1.Hughes, John (4).JPG
Engraving of first Archbishop of New York, NY (1850-1864). Printed below engraving: "A. B. Walter, Eng. Pub. by Thos. Coleman, 1440 N. 2nd St. Phila."

Kenrick color.jpg
Colored lithograph portrait of Francis Patrick Kenrick. Printed below lithograph: "Published by W. Smith, Print Seller, 706 South 3d, Philada, Pa." Printed below title: "From a painting in the possession of Bishop Wood."

Lithograph portrait of Francis Patrick Kenrick. Printed below lithograph: "Published and for sale by J. R. Downing, 139 South 8th St. and T. Colman, 1440 North 2d St., Phila."

St. Charles Sem Glen Riddle2.jpg
Reproduction of early photograph of St. Charles Borromeo Minor Seminary at Glenn Riddle, PA. Inscribed below photograph: "Note priest in doorway".

Photograph of a luncheon of The Fraternity of Christian Doctrine at the Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

Copy of autographed newspaper article regarding address of the St. Augustine Temperance Beneficial Society presented to the Rev. Theobald Mathew on Dec. 4, 1849, and his reply. Includes an engraving of Father Mathew by C. G. Hookey. Printed by C.…

Photograph of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at the Golden Jubilee dinner for Archbishop Edmond Prendergast, November 17, 1915. Mounted on heavy cardboard. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

Photograph of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel on July 10, 1918, on the occasion of Archbishop Dougherty's installation. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

Simple line map showing locations of Catholic churches and chapels in Pennsylvania as of 1850. Does not list names. Creator unknown. Undated.

Print (drawing of the Catholic Protectory buildings overlaid with cut out of group photograph) of the Catholic Protectory Fife & Drum Band, Arlington, NJ. Published by New York Process Publishing Co.

Title taken from verso. Note on verso indicates that this item belonged to Francis X. Reuss. Photographer's mark appears on verso.

Photograph of altar at St. Francis de Sales Church, Philadelphia, Pa., arranged for solemn Pontifical Mass, Nov. 12, 1916. Notes on verso read: "Presented by Father Lallou to A.C.H.S." and "Compliments of J. E. O'Brien, #1703 Walnut Street". Title…

Photograph of dinner in honor of Bishop Hugh Lamb at the Penn Athletic Club. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

Photostatic print reproduction of architectural drawing, mounted on cardboard. Appears to be an early study for the Ryan Memorial Chapel Altar at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, featuring a celtic cross flanked by two angels.…

Color photograph of the students and faculty of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in front of main entrance. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Photograph of a ceremony relating to St. Clement's Church, Philadelphia, Pa., possibly dedication of the St. Clement School. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Lithograph of St. Vincent de Paul Church in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Lithographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

Photograph of interior of St. Veronica's Church, Philadelphia. Photographer's stamp appears in bottom right corner.

Lithograph of St. Theresa's Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Includes vignette of the Convent of the Holy Child Jesus. Lithographer unknown.

Photograph of the exterior of St. Stanislaus Church. Inscribed on verso: "Organized Oct. '93, Dedicated May 30/'95. From Rev. B. Dembinski, Pastor. Rec'd June 29/95". Photographer unknown.

Interior of St. Peter's Church, Belleville, Illinois. Preliminary drawing for later lithograph. Includes artist's notes and pastor's approval.

Lithograph of St. Peter's Church in Philadelphia. Includes vignettes of interior of church and exterior view of Old Church. Lithographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

St. Peter's, Columbia PA.jpg
Photograph of exterior of parish buildings of St. Peter's Church, Columbia, Lancaster County, Pa. Inscribed on verso: "1. Parochial Residence. 2. New Church. 3. Convent & Academy. The old Church of 1828 stands beside & in the rear of the Academy. See…

Engraving of sketch of interior St. Peter's Church, Albany, NY. Signed by E. F. Faber (signature is backwards in bottom left corner).

Photograph of St. Patrick's Church, Philadelphia. Title taken from verso. Photograph's stamp in bottom right of photo reads "Schreiber".
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