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Lithograph of Jesus Christ healing the blind.

Lithograph of St. Ferdinand the King (i.e., Ferdinand III of Castile).

Lithograph of Jesus Christ being placed in the tomb.

Lithograph of Jesus Christ being brough down from the cross.

Lithograph of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This lithograph is different than the others. It does not have the decorative border of the others and the title is arranged differently and in a different typeface. It may be from another series of the…

Lithograph of Jesus Christ being nailed to the cross.

Lithographs of Roman soldiers removing Jesus Christ's robes.

Lithograph of Jesus Christ falling for the third time while carrying his cross.

Lithograph of Jesus Christ consoling the women of Jerusalem.

Lithograph of Jesus Christ falling for the second time while carrying his cross.

Lithograph of Jesus meeting St. Veronica while carrying his cross.

Lithograph of Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross of Jesus Christ.

Lithograph of Jesus Christ meeting his mother Mary Magdelene while carrying his cross.

Lithograph of Jesus Christ falling while carrying his cross.

Lithograph of Jesus Christ carrying his cross.

Lithograph of Jesus Christ and Roman soldiers before Pontius Pilate.

Scrapbook containing 16 hand-colored lithographs by Nathaniel Currier. Fourteen are of the Stations of the Cross published in 1847. One is of St. Ferdinand the King with no date and one is of Christ Restoring sight to the blind from 1846. Titles of…

Blenkinsop, Peter.jpg
Portrait lithograph of Reverend Peter Blenkinsop, S.J. Published by T. Coleman of Philadelphia. A.L. Weise, lithographer. Signature in bottom right corner of lithograph reads "Hohenstein" (possibly Adolfo Hohenstien?).

Lithograph portrait of Bishop John Nepomucene Neumann of Philadelphia. Lithographer unknown.

Portrait lithograph of Bishop Bernard Claude Panet, Bishop of Quebec. Published by Fabre, Perrault & cie [i.e., Edouard-Raymond Fabre and Louis Perrault]. Printed below title: "Drawn by Sproule" [i.e., Robert Auchmuty Sproule]; "Bourne, Lith." [i.e.,…

Mathew, Theobald.jpg
Portrait lithograph of portrait of Father Theobald Mathew, with extract from a letter to Col. J. H. Shelburne, dated Sept. 19, 1848. Printed below lithograph: "On stone by A. Newsam."; "P. S. Duval's steam Lith. Press, Pha." Printed below title:…

Lithographic print of interior of Old St. Joseph's Church, Philadelphia, PA. Printed to bottom left of print: "Painted from Nature & drawn on Stone by A. Hoffy." Printed to bottom right of print: "P. S. Duval, Lith., No. 7 B[?] Alley, Philadelphia".…
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