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Oval-shaped portrait of unidentified priest, hand-painted. Photographer unknown.

Portrait lithoraph of unidentified priest. Printed in bottom left corner of lithograph: "On stone by A. Newsam". Printed in bottom right corner of lithograph: "P. S. Duval's Lith. Philada."

Hand-colored photograph portrait of unidentified priest. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Portrait photograph of unidentified priest. Signed by Hansbury in bottom right corner.

Portrait print (perhaps pastel?) of unidentified nun on canvas. Creator unknown. Undated.

Portrait photograph of unidentified nun, hand-painted. Creator unknown. Undated.

Photograph portrait of unidentified man, marked "Artist Proof". Photographer's stamp below photograph reads "Marceau, 1609 Chestnut St., Philadelphia". Title devised by cataloger.

Hand-colored photograph portrait of an unidentified man. Photographer unknown.

Print of unidentified man. Creator's signature in bottom right hand corner reads "P. B. Conway". Undated.

Large portrait photograph of an unidentified clergyman. Photograph's mark below photograph reads "Doremus LH, 240 Main St., Paterson, N.J."

Undated drawing of an unidentified Cathedral. May be an alternative drawing of Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.

Photograph of unidentified building. Photographer's stamp appears in bottom left corner.

In the center is a scene of ordination to the priesthood. Above is Jesus and God the Father. On the four corners are scenes that appear to be the stages toward ordination. Printed in bottom left of lithograph: "Colin del.". Printed in bottom center…

A photograph of the former stables of the Treweryn estate. the top floor housed Gwynedd Junior College, while the first floor housed Gwynedd Mercy Academy.

An exterior photograph of the Treweryn mansion, built by Horace Trumbauer in 1907. It was home to Francis Bond under the name "WIllowbrook", then became known as "Treweryn" by new owner Roland Taylor.

Comic used for Catholic education in parish schools.

Neumann Pastoral 1852 web.pdf
Pastoral letter from Bishop Neumann to the Diocese of Philadelphia on a Plenary Indulgence.

Broadside addressed to Philadelphia Catholics in response to the anti-Catholic riots that took place in Kensington, Philadelphia in May of 1844. Part of the Nativist Riots collection (1990.055).

Wood 51.371con.pdf
Letter to Father McFadden, from M.G., Father McEvoy; the scandal connected with him.

Dougherty 80.6464.pdf
To Cardinal Dougherty, from Reverend Joseph A. Karalius, Discusses Holy Family congregation case and its effects on problems with the “so called” trustees of St. George’s Parish, Shenandoah

Hardart 4.pdf
To Cardinal Dougherty from Florence Hardart Anglim. Discusses her fiancé, Mr. Anglim.

Hardart 7.pdf
To Cardinal Dougherty from Florence Hardart Anglim. Discusses Florence's wedding day.

Wood 51.163ach.pdf
To Archbishop Wood, from Patrick O’Connell, Towanda, PA, Molly Maguires and Towanda, PA.

Wood 51.995wmc.pdf
To Archbishop Wood, from D.I. McDermott, will wait for Wood’s return to Philadelphia to take action.

Print from Harper's Weekly, Sept. 16, 1876. Two page spread showing children holding the door of the "Public-School System" against a wolf that is trying to squeeze through. The wolf's collar is labeled "Democrats" and the tag is labeled "The Foreign…

Mexico 7a.jpg
Newspaper describing the attempts by the Mexican government to limit the number of priests serving throughout the country.

Photograph of three men seated, one in clerical garb (Msgr. Bonner?). Housed in folder. Title devised by cataloger. Photographer unknown.

Architectural drawing of designs for three alternative church towers. Title devised by cataloger.

Mexico 4b.jpg
Newspaper article describing the crowds gathered for the Mass protesting the Persecution of the Church in Mexico.

Autographed photograph portrait of Thomas Shahan, rector of Catholic University of America, 1909-1927, and titular bishop of Germanicopolis (Turkey). Photographer's stamp appears below photograph and reads "Stein" (?).

Group photograph of 38th Annual Reunion of Alumni of the North American College in Rome in Wilmington, DE. Photographer unknown.

Architectural drawing of ground plan of third floor of St. Vincent's Seminary.

Photograph of the Third Annual Dinner of the Irish Americans of Mauch Chunk (Jim Thorpe), Pa. Photographer's mark appears in bottom right quadrant of photograph.

Color photograph of theology seminarians at St. Charles Seminary. Photograph by Maria Tucker Cusick, 7422 Miller Avenue, Upper Darby, PA 19082. Title taken from verso.

Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War.

Mathew, Theobald.jpg
Portrait lithograph of portrait of Father Theobald Mathew, with extract from a letter to Col. J. H. Shelburne, dated Sept. 19, 1848. Printed below lithograph: "On stone by A. Newsam."; "P. S. Duval's steam Lith. Press, Pha." Printed below title:…

World's Columbian Commission Certificate decreeing a medal for specific merit to the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia for its exhibit of manuscripts, relics, etc. at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893. Printed in…

Referencing a contemporary anti-smoking slogan, the cartoon shows that Catholic school students are left on the hook for the cost of their education.

Drawing of the Trustees of Holy Trinity Church, Philadelphia, Pa. dated April 8, 1854. Note on verso reads "Date: April 8th 1854. cf. Rev. Michael J. Curley. C.SS.R. "Venerable John Neumann" page 227" (i.e., appears to be a reproduction of a drawing…

Pamphlet by Lawrence Flick on the treatment of Tuberculosis.

Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War.

P002.2461 web.pdf
Pamphlet on the second seminar on how to address the problems of the Spanish speaking communities in Americans.

Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War and the effect on the Catholic Church.

Color lithograph listing the names of the soldiers who served in this company and the engagements the company was involved in through December 1862 and whether soldiers were wounded, killed, dishcharged, promoted, or transferred. The top one quarter…

The Sacred Heart Hour: Side 1 What is Faith; Side 2 The Meaning of Sanctifying Grace

The Sacred Heart Hour: Side 1 The Theology of the Word; Side 2 The Life that is Christ

The Sacred Heart Hour: Side 1 The Presence of Good; Side 2 Prayer

The Sacred Heart Hour: Side 1 Ecumenism and the Liturgical Life; Side 2 Ecumenism, Spiritual & Intellectual

An oval in the center illustrates an ordination ceremony. It is surrounded by smaller pictures illustrating the functions of a priest. At the bottom there appears to be an imperial coronation with the Pope crowning the new emperor. Printed below…

Portrait lithograph of Bishop James Wood of Philadelphia, seated in chair. Published by P. H. McCawley, New York. Autographed in lower right corner.
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