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An oval in the center illustrates an ordination ceremony. It is surrounded by smaller pictures illustrating the functions of a priest. At the bottom there appears to be an imperial coronation with the Pope crowning the new emperor. Printed below…

Portrait lithograph of Bishop James Wood of Philadelphia, seated in chair. Published by P. H. McCawley, New York. Autographed in lower right corner.

Lithograph portrait of Bishop James F. Wood. Printed below portrait: "Published by Wm. Smith, Print Seller, 702 South 3rd St., Phila Pa. Drawn on Stone by Magee." Printed below title: "T. S. Wagner's Lith. Philadelphia."

Oval portrait lithograph of Right Reverend Joseph Guigues, Bishop of Bytown, C.W. [i.e., Ontario, Canada]. Signed by L. Grozelier. Printed below portrait: "Published by P. H. McCawley, Kingston, C.W."; "L. Grozelier Lith. Boston."; "Printed at J.…

Portrait photograph of Father O'Connor, Rector of St. Bridget's Church at his death in 1883. Notes on verso reads: "The Reverend Father Richard O'Connor. Born --. Ordained priest, Saturday, June 6, 1846, in Pentecost Week, by the Right Reverend…

Lithographic portrait print of Rev. Stephen Badin, from drawing. Printed bottom left of lithograph: "[Pri]nted by Onken, Cin. O." (i.e., Otto Onken, a lithographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio). Printed below lithograph: "Published by S. Gengembre…

Pamphlet on the theology of the Resurrection

Pamphlet on Papal Infallibility.

Photograph of the students' refectory at the North American College in Rome. Photographer unknown.

The Redemptorist Community at St. Alphonsus College, Suffield, CT In Honor of St. John Neumann, C.SS.R. (1811-1860), 1977



Pamphlet on the Spanish Civil War.

PH138_100 years.web.pdf
Parish History of St Vincent de Paul.

P002.4166-Oregon School Law web.pdf
Court case on wheither the state of Oregon can enforce a compulsory public school attendance, effectively outlawing private elementary schools.

The Official Sounds of the 41st International Eucharistic Congress

Print depicting the ceremonial funeral procession in honor of Daniel O'Connel (d. May 1847) organized by the Irish of New York City. The image shows the procession winding in an S-shape from the upper right hand corner to the lower left hand corner…

Portrait engraving of Archbishop John Carroll. Printed below portrait: "Painted by J. Paul. Engraved by W. S. Leney, E.S.A. & B. Tanner, E.S.A." Mounted on cardboard.

Colored lithograph portrait of Archbishop John Hughes of New York, NY (1850-1864). Appears to be a memorial lithograph done after his death. Printed below lithograph: "E. B. & E. C. Kellogg, 245 Main St., Hartford, CT."; "Phelps & Watson, 18 Beekman…

Engraving of portrait of Archbishop John Hughes of New York, NY (1850-1864). Printed below engraving: "Engd. by T. Doney"; "New York, Published by D. & J. Sadlier & Co."

Bust portrait of Archbishop John Hughes. Printed below portrait: "Eng'd by T. Doney"; "New York. Published by D. & J. Sadlier & Co."

100.2.1.Hughes, John (4).JPG
Engraving of first Archbishop of New York, NY (1850-1864). Printed below engraving: "A. B. Walter, Eng. Pub. by Thos. Coleman, 1440 N. 2nd St. Phila."

Kenrick color.jpg
Colored lithograph portrait of Francis Patrick Kenrick. Printed below lithograph: "Published by W. Smith, Print Seller, 706 South 3d, Philada, Pa." Printed below title: "From a painting in the possession of Bishop Wood."

Lithograph portrait of Francis Patrick Kenrick. Printed below lithograph: "Published and for sale by J. R. Downing, 139 South 8th St. and T. Colman, 1440 North 2d St., Phila."

After Vatican II, there was debate over how to implement its teachings. Here Wolf shows that the middle way is the best way.


Print from Harper's Weekly, July 15, 1871. Print shows a figure (most likely supposed to depict Ignatius von Dollinger) standing in front of a broadside he has hung over a confessional that contains a statement titled "Papal Infallibity. Church and…

St. Charles Sem Glen Riddle2.jpg
Reproduction of early photograph of St. Charles Borromeo Minor Seminary at Glenn Riddle, PA. Inscribed below photograph: "Note priest in doorway".


Life story of Pope John Paul II.

Life story of Pope John Paul II.

Pamphlet on the proposed League of Nations and the good it can do with the Church.

Speech by Joseph France on the League of Nations

Directory of the association in the United States.

DeCourson, Jesuits web.pdf
Pamphlet on the history of the Jesuits.

Pamphlet on the Infallibility of the Church.

PH63_Immaculate Conception Parish.pdf
Parish History of Immaculate Conception

Print of parade with spectators lining the street. Published by Haasis & Lubrecht, Publishers, 107 Liberty St., New York. Printed by F. Heppenheimer & Co., 22 & 24 N. William St., N.Y.

Photograph of a luncheon of The Fraternity of Christian Doctrine at the Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

Copy of autographed newspaper article regarding address of the St. Augustine Temperance Beneficial Society presented to the Rev. Theobald Mathew on Dec. 4, 1849, and his reply. Includes an engraving of Father Mathew by C. G. Hookey. Printed by C.…

This allegorical print, intended for an American Catholic audience, illustrates the official church response to the First Vatican Council of 1869-70, which decreed that the Pope is infallible. In the center of the image, St. Peter's Basilica rests on…

Color engraving showing the Eighth Station of the Cross. Note on the bottom reads, "Engraved by permission from the celebrated prints in the Adam and Eve Chapel, Dublin." Print is glued onto wood. Notes inscribed on the back indicate that it was…

Certificate of membership of Martin I. J. Griffin into the Sodality of St. Joseph's Church. Dated April 15, 1866. Printed below certificate: "J. Queen del. Lith of Duval, Williams & Duval. Pha." Lithograph shows the Blessed Virgin Mary and scenes…

Lithograph with small cameo portraits of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the United States, with a cameo portrait of Pope Pius IX at the top. At the bottom is printed "Euntes Ergo Docete Omnes Gentes" ("Go Forth and Teach All Nations").…

Print from Harper's Weekly, October 24, 1885. Print shows Cardinal McCloskey of New York, lying in state in St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Scrapbook containing 16 hand-colored lithographs by Nathaniel Currier. Fourteen are of the Stations of the Cross published in 1847. One is of St. Ferdinand the King with no date and one is of Christ Restoring sight to the blind from 1846. Titles of…


Photograph of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at the Golden Jubilee dinner for Archbishop Edmond Prendergast, November 17, 1915. Mounted on heavy cardboard. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

Photograph of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel on July 10, 1918, on the occasion of Archbishop Dougherty's installation. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

In the center is a bird's eye view of Vineland, New Jersey. Surrounding it are pictures of prominent residences and businesses. The view of the city has buildings numbered and has a key at the bottom identifying the buildings. The bottom is damaged…
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