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A portrait of Reverend Felix-Joseph Barbelin, S.J., the founder and first president of Saint Joseph's College

Students of St. Joseph College: Side 1 "A document of in-terracial Justia"; Side 2 "Interracial Justice"

100.5.1921, January 29.JPG
Photograph of First Annual Banquet of Philadelphia Diocesan Union of Holy Name Societies held at the Adelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, PA. Photographer's mark is inscribed in bottom right corner of photograph.

Lecture on the merits of Catholics supporting Prohibition.

Collage photograph containing large portrait of Pope Pius IX in the center and surrounded by 46 cameo photos of hierarchy and clergy, mainly associated with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
There are photos of Archbishop Bayley of Baltimore; Bishop…

Print from Harper's Weekly, January 15, 1876. Print shows the United States as Hamlet standing in front of a public school blocking a member of the Grey Nuns from entering as a teacher. Printed below title: "U.S. (as Hamlet). 'Go they ways to a…

Print from Harper's Weekly, October 1, 1870. Print shows the Pope and other clergy looking at the United States, ostensibly with plans to conquer it.

Print from Harper's Weekly, October 12, 1872. Print shows Uncle Sam offering to free an American Catholic priest from the control of the Pope. Printed below title: "U.S. 'Allow me to Sever you from your Foreign Mother (Church). You are as able to…

Nine pages from a photograph album, seemingly on the topic of the 28th International Eucharistic Congress in Chicago. Includes photographs of the Cathedral of the Holy Name, the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, St. Mary of the Lake, and Cardinals…

Photograph of exterior of the Convent of Our Lady of Angels, Glen Riddle (Aston), PA. Photographer unknown.

Title devised by cataloger. Inscribed in bottom left corner of photograph: "Thompson Photo Co. Poughkeepsie N.Y. No. 2201."

Cutout of Philadelphia with parishes outlined in black, transparent overlay with parish names typed on slips of paper. Mounted on heavy cardboard. Title devised by cataloger.

Lithograph of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This lithograph is different than the others. It does not have the decorative border of the others and the title is arranged differently and in a different typeface. It may be from another series of the…

Photograph of dinner at The National Council of Catholic Women Annual Convention on October 7, 1931. Photographer's mark appears in bottom right corner.

PH114_1st Annaul Parish Reunion.pdf
Parish History of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish.

Official program for the 41st International Eucharistic Congress.

Photograph of clergy luncheon at the annual congress of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

Photograph of the delegates attending the 7th National Congress of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. Photographer's mark appears in bottom left corner.

From October 11, 1962 to December 8, 1965 the Second Vatican Council was held in Rome. The goal of the council was one of renewal and updating of faith and traditions. Many looked forward to the results of the council with hope for a better tomorrow.…

Booklet on the Catholic Interracial Program

Architectural drawing of facade for Roman Catholic Cathedral (church name not included). Includes small groundplan.

Molyneaux P001.0013.pdf
Transcript of the funeral sermon give by Rev. Molyneux for the Rev. Farmer.

Photograph of American College students. Photographer unknown.

1850 reprint of a 1750 map of Philadelphia and the surrounding area with a view of Independence Hall at the top. Rural buildings shown pictorially with occupants' names. Title is partially obscured by a card which is reinforcing a hole punched into…

A detailed map including Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, depicting the history of Catholic influence in these geographic areas. Additional events, buildings, and historical figures line the edges of the map. The…

P002.3744 web.pdf
Pamphlet on the life and death of Father Mastrilli.

Photograph of wax depiction of the crucifixion. This was the only exhibit remaining after a fire at the Temple Theatre and Egyptian Musee. Printed in bottom left corner of photograph: "Copyright 1887 by Geo. C. Brotherton" (i.e., George Childs…


Print from Harper's Weekly, December 30, 1871. Print shows a Catholic priest (most likely Henry Edward Manning, an English Cardinal) beckoning to an African-American family while hiding shackles labled "Priestly Slavery" behind his back. Printed…

A sermon on the festival of St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland.

St. John-Statement of Debt.pdf
Information on debts and income for St. John the Evangelist Parish.



Framed watercolor painting of Catholic chapel. Includes a key for identifying buildings in the painting. Inscribed in bottom right corner of painting: "Copied from painting of H. Meyers. By L. Corrigan, Feb. 1891." Inscribed below painting: "Painted…

Oval portrait print of James Roosevelt Bayley, first bishop of Newark, 8th Archbishop of Baltimore. Fragment of paper adhered to bottom of recto reads: "James R. Bayley, D.[D.] [?] Oct. 30th, 1853; promo[?] [?]2; died Oct. 3rd, 1877. [?] Newark"…

Address by Cardinal Dougherty Parts 2 & 4

Hand-painted piece with a proclamation in the center addressed to Archbishop Ryan. A portrait of Ryan appears at the top and the text is surrounded by hand-painted pictures of scenes from Ireland, most pertaining to the area around Thurles. There are…

Address of John O'Neill's to the Irish American.

An aerial view of La Salle College at its present location at 20th and Olney Streets.

An aerial photograph of Treweryn estate, formerly owned by Roland Taylor. The building on the left is the Mansion, while the building on the right are the stables. When purchased by the Sisters of mercy in 1948, these buildings became the Motherhouse…

Photographer's signature appears in bottom right corner and reads "Photo by E. DeSouza, Washington, D.C."

Pamphlet on Al Smith's record as Tammany legislator and governor.

Pamphlet on the life and work of Alfred Smith.

Mexico 15a.jpg
Newspaper article describing the planning process for the meeting in Philadelphia.

Mexico 13a.jpg
Newspaper article describing the crowds gathered for the Mass protesting the Persecution of the Church in Mexico.

Elevation drawing and floor plan by the Daprato Statuary Company. Appears to be decorations for a church altar and side altar. No church identified.

Architectural drawing of altar (church unknown).

Photograph of the Alumni of the North American College, Rome, at the Vatican for a papal audience, June 13, 1909. It appears like the photograph was taken in front of the American College building. Center is Archbishop Kennedy (Phila.), Rector. Left…

Poem using each letter of the alphabet to tell the history of America

Family tree repurposed for the American Catholic Historical Society. On the branches are listed the names of the officers of the A.C.H.S. Inscription at bottom says "Executed with a pen by L. Kinsman, Vineland, New Jersey".
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